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Aluminum cold plate


Aluminum cold plate

The processing equipment and technology of aluminum plate are divided into hot rolling and cold rolling. Aluminum cold plate usually refers to the rolling process of metal below the recrystallization temperature. Cold rolling produces work hardening, and the strength and deformation resistance of the metal increase, accompanied by a decrease in plasticity. Compared with cold rolling and hot rolling, its main features are:

The structure and performance of the product are uniform, with good mechanical properties and ability to withstand reprocessing;

The product has high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality and plate shape;

By controlling different processing rates or cooperating with the heat treatment of finished products, products in various states can be obtained;

Cold rolling can produce thin strips or foils that cannot be rolled by hot rolling.

aluminum cold plate

Aluminum cold plate alloy

The aluminum alloy plates on the market are basically hot-rolled products, and aluminum cold plates are mainly 1000 series and 3000 series. For example, our common 3003 aluminum sheet belongs to aluminum cold plate, and 5052 aluminum sheet belongs to aluminum hot plate. Of course, the 3003 aluminum sheet can also be hot rolled.

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Application of aluminum cold plate

Cold rolling is widely used. All products that require continuous thinning after hot rolling and require high performance, structure, surface quality and dimensional accuracy must be cold rolled. However, cold-rolling work hardens, and deformation energy consumption is large. Therefore, most non-ferrous metals and alloys need to undergo intermediate annealing after the processing rate reaches a certain level to eliminate work hardening and achieve continued cold rolling.

It is a good way that cold rolling should be matched with hot rolling. It can not only reduce energy consumption, but also increase productivity. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, make full use of the high-efficiency features of hot rolling to minimize the amount of cold rolling reduction. Therefore, cold rolling is rarely used alone.

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The difference between aluminum cold plate and aluminum hot plate

Aluminum cold plate and aluminum hot plate are indistinguishable from the surface, and the difference between the two is mainly reflected in some aspects.

Internal grain size and microstructure. Aluminum hot plate, the microstructure is more uniform and dense;

In anodizing, the difference between the two aluminum plates can also be embodied. After aluminum hot plate anodization, the surface texture is consistent, without wavy lines, and no color difference; aluminum cold plate, after anodization, the surface will have wavy lines and color differences. This is mainly It is caused by the uneven microstructure inside the aluminum cold plate.

In terms of price, the price of hot-rolled aluminum products is higher than that of cold-rolled products. Because the production equipment, input cost, and energy consumption of the hot-rolling process are higher than those of cold-rolled products, the price of aluminum hot plate is basically higher than that of cold-rolled products. Higher than aluminum cold plate around 2,000 yuan.

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