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Aluminum diamond plate 4x8


Aluminum diamond plate 4x8

Aluminum diamond plate 4x8 refers to all aluminum diamond plates of 4x8 inches. Aluminum diamond plate refers to aluminium checker plate with diamond pattern on the surface. It has a diamond-like pattern, shining and beautiful, without losing its anti-slip functionality. As an aluminum checker plate, it combines beauty with practicality so well.

Aluminum diamond plate 4x8

How thick should a aluminum diamond plate 4x8 be for a trailer?

If your trailer has no solid supports or beams at the bottom, you should use thicker diamond aluminum plates. The most popular thickness is 0.188 inch (3/16 inch) or 0.125 inch (1/8 inch), or even 0.25 (1/4 inch). These are very common thicknesses.

So it all depends on the floor you put down on the trailer. Be sure to take this into consideration when determining the required thickness. The thicker the support, the thinner the thickness of the diamond aluminum plate can be.

6061 aluminum diamond plate 4x8

Aluminum diamond plate alloy range mainly includes 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series plates. Among them, 3003 and 6061 alloys are the most common diamond plate grades.

6061 aluminum, it is strong, lightweight, and can provide protection and traction in high-traffic areas. 6061 T651 aluminum plate also has high strength, non-slip resistance and durability. 6061 aluminum diamond plate 4x8 has limited formability, but is easy to weld and machine. The aluminum product also provides enhanced strength and corrosion resistance, and has applications in many fields.

aluminum diamond plate 4x8 .125

3003 aluminum diamond plate 4x8

3003 aluminum diamond plate 4x8 is easy to weld, drill or machine. As a lightweight material, it is an alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and workability. As a general-purpose aluminum, 3003 aluminum diamond plate can be used in a variety of applications. Including steps, ramps, wall panels and truck chassis liners, these anti-skid panels are not only lightweight, but also provide the strength you need. Our aluminum diamond plate 4x8 pattern includes diamond, five bar, 2 bar, 3 bar and 5 bar. As a custom-made aluminum plate supplier, we also provide customized options according to size, and try our best to meet all your needs for aluminum diamond plate.

aluminum diamond plate 4x8 lowes

Aluminum diamond plate 4x8 cost

Aluminum diamond plate 4x8 cost is firstly related to aluminum ingot price. In view of the fact that the price of aluminum ingots is an unstable factor, we will not use too many words to introduce it. Compared with plain aluminium plate, aluminum diamond plate 4x8 cost is also related to its pattern, so please confirm the pattern type you need before buying. In addition, other factors that affect the cost are the thickness, width, length, temper, dosage and other factors of the aluminum plate, which are closely related to the processing cost. If you need to inquire about the price of diamond aluminum plate, please directly consult Mingtai Aluminum, our price is very likely to satisfy you.

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