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Aluminum diamond plate cleaner


Aluminum diamond plate cleaner

Aluminum diamond plate, also known as aluminium checker plate, is an amphoteric metal. If it needs to be cleaned, it cannot be in an acidic environment or an alkaline environment. Adopt alkaline aluminum diamond plate cleaner

A little ash will be left on the surface. After another 40% nitric acid solution immersion, a clear and white surface can be obtained. If you want to deal with stains without affecting the original appearance, the better method is to clean with organic solvents, but the cost will be higher. If you only want to remove oil stains and allow a little discoloration, but do not want to increase the light-emitting process, you can choose low-temperature and normal-temperature degreasing agents. In addition to a small amount of alkali and alkaline salts, this type of industrial degreasing agent has more surfactants, which has a better degreasing effect on a variety of oil stains, and less damages the surface of the workpiece. It is better than washing powder, The effect of soap powder is much better.

Aluminum diamond plate cleaner

Aluminum diamond plate cleaner step one

The first step of cleaning is to rinse with clean water, but do not place water or any cleaning products on the surface for a long time. You can use spray or wipe with a towel. If the cleaning agent is used improperly, irritating chemicals will eventually destroy the aluminum diamond plate indication. If you must use a strong alkaline or strong acid detergent, please wash it immediately after use, and then rinse thoroughly. Before applying a new cleaner, we always recommend that you select a small piece of aluminum plate for testing.

how to clean diamond plate floor

Aluminum diamond plate cleaner step two

Whether it is water or detergent. If it stays on the aluminum diamond plate for a long time, its surface may be damaged. In order to ensure that it can be used normally, it must be dried as soon as possible. You can open windows for ventilation and air dry naturally. If today’s weather is not good, just wipe it once with a better quality paper towel.

If the aluminum diamond plate cleaner is used specifically for cleaning aluminum diamond plate, follow the instructions of the product description. When using warm water, it is best to spray it on the surface of the aluminum plate, and then wipe it with a towel.

how to clean diamond plate aluminum

Aluminum diamond plate cleaner step three

The service life of aluminum diamond plate is inseparable from the usual maintenance and maintenance of it. One way of curing is to apply a wax protective layer to make it look like a polished effect, helping the material continue to maintain its new appearance. If you are accustomed to maintaining this operation, you can reduce the number of regular maintenance of aluminum diamond plates. Stored inside when not in use. Even if the aluminum diamond plate is used in frequently used occasions, it can protect it to a large extent.

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