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Aluminum diamond plate for sale


Aluminum diamond plate for sale

Aluminum diamond plate for sale, a kind of common aluminium checker plate. Other common types include 5 bar aluminum tread plate, orange peel aluminium checker plate and so on. A variety of pattern types not only embellish the product, increase the aesthetics, but also broaden the application of aluminium checker plate. The application scenarios of the products are different, which is one of the reasons why there are so many pattern types.

aluminum diamond plate for sale

Does aluminum diamond plate for sale rust?

Aluminum diamond plate for sale is made of hot-rolled aluminum plate with a wide range of thicknesses and alloys. The raw material is aluminum, so it will not rust like steel. And these plates made of aluminum are extremely resistant to wear, which means you don’t have to worry about damaging them easily. In fact, daily cleaning and maintenance are simpler. Just brush or wipe it off with a soft brush, then wipe off any traces with a cloth. If it is maintained at ordinary times, this kind of board can continue to be used for several years.

1/4 aluminum diamond plate for sale

Common aluminum diamond plate for sale

Aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum diamond plate for sale uses a unique aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy.

The biggest feature of aluminum-magnesium alloy is its excellent chemical properties, that is, waterproof and rust-proof. Aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum diamond plate is widely used in humid environments, such as ships, refrigerated trucks, warehouses, etc. At the same time, aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum diamond plate has unique anti-corrosion performance, so aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum diamond plate can carry various chemical substances well, provided that the chemical property is not strong.

Aluminum manganese alloy aluminum diamond plate is very different from the former because of the use of aluminum manganese alloy. The chemical properties of aluminum-manganese alloy are extremely excellent. Compared with ordinary aluminum diamond plate, the anti-rust performance of aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate is very outstanding, so gold is mainly used in warehouses and trucks. However, compared with aluminum diamond plate, aluminum-manganese alloy is slightly inferior in strength and pressure-bearing capacity.

aluminum diamond plate sheet for sale

How to choose high-quality aluminum diamond plate for sale?

The thickness of aluminum diamond plate for sale. For high-quality aluminum diamond plate, the thickness, strength and oxide film thickness of the plate itself should conform to industry standards and national standards.

Processing. Whether the processing is qualified can be seen from the surface of the board. Bright and clean, the pattern is clear and tidy, flat, and the surface is free of defects such as oil stains, scratches, and creases. Such a sheet surface is suitable. price. Aluminum diamond plate for sale is divided into pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, and its price is naturally different. The price of alloy aluminum plate is higher than that of pure aluminum plate. When purchasing, you can’t just compare the price. Buying substandard products will affect the use of the products.

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum diamond plate manufacturer. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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