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Aluminum diamond plate for sale near me


Aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

Aluminum diamond plate, also known as: aluminum diamond plate, aluminum tread plate, tread bright, aluminum floor plate, aluminum checker plate, this high-reflectivity, economical product is widely used in decoration, cosmetics and architectural applications. Aluminum diamond plate for sale near me has good molding, drilling and welding capabilities, easy to manufacture, and its convex diamond pattern makes it have good anti-slip and decorative properties.

3003 aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

3003 aluminum diamond plate is easy to weld, drill or machine. As a lightweight diamond plate, it is an alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and workability. As a general-purpose aluminum, 3003 aluminum tire panels can be used in a variety of applications. From steps and ramps to wall panels and truck underlays, these non-slip tread plates provide the strength you need in a lightweight form.

Aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

6061 aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

Strength, slip resistance and durability are the main selling points of this product. Although the surface finish of 6061 aluminum diamond plate is not as good as 3003, it is still widely used in industrial applications-floors, loading ramps, trench covers, dock floors, stair treads, elevator floors, freezer floors, etc. Provides higher strength and corrosion resistance for 6061 aluminum diamond plate, which is easy to weld and process, but has limited formability.

If you compare 3003 and 6061 aluminum diamond plate, 6061 alloy can have a dull or shiny appearance, and is harder and more durable, while 3003 has a shiny luster, softer and more shapeable.

5052 Aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

5052 aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

5052 aluminum diamond plate has good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance.

5052 diamond plate has a good anti-skid effect, and the price is cheaper.

The high-quality product quality of 5052 diamond plate makes Mingtai Aluminum's patterned aluminum plate very popular in the domestic and foreign markets.

The main alloying element of Al 5052 series alloy aluminum is magnesium. The aluminum-magnesium alloy has a good anti-rust effect. Its performance is: excellent welding and good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance and a reasonable combination of low temperature.

Aluminum diamond plate for sale manufacturer

Where to buy aluminum diamond plate for sale near me

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale diamond plate sheet manufacturer, with advanced equipment, the widest diamond plate can be 2600mm. Use high-quality production materials. The production materials have a very important influence on the quality of aluminum diamond plate. Mingtai Aluminum purchases high-quality raw materials, and the product quality is more guaranteed.

We provide diamond plates in a variety of sizes to fit your project, regardless of size. 2'x 8'(24 inches x 96 inches), 4'x 8'(48''x 96'') and 4'x 10' (48''x 120''). Studies have shown that the most popular diamond plate (this product) has a thickness of .025 inches.

All of our aluminum diamond plates can be directly packed in rolls or as plain plates. All diamond plate materials are provided with a thin PVC film to provide additional protection during transportation and installation.

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