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Aluminum diamond plate near me

Aluminum diamond plate near me, heat-treated aluminum plate with different kinds of patterns on the surface. It can also be called aluminium checker plate. The high-quality non-slip aluminum plates produced by Mingtai Aluminum include alloys such as 3003/5052/5754/1050/1060/3105/6082. They are well used in many fields, including the interior and exterior of architectural decoration; floor or countertop decoration; transport vehicles such as trailers, fire trucks, and RVs; tool boxes, etc. The main purpose of aluminum diamond plate is non-slip. Because the surface of the aluminum plate is pressed and rolled by an embossing machine, various patterns are formed on the surface, and the raised patterns play a very good decorative role.

Aluminum diamond plate near me

5052 aluminum diamond plate near me

Because this series of aluminum plates contain higher magnesium alloy content. After annealing, 5052 aluminum diamond plate has better sheet metal performance, can be bent 90 degrees, and the hardness is higher than 1060 aluminum checker plate, which is currently the most commonly used product in the world.

5052 aluminium checker plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate series, which is a product with strong rust and corrosion resistance. It has good adaptability in outdoor environment, and its anti-rust and corrosion resistance is better than other series of products. Our company produces 5052aluminium checker plates of various specifications all year round.

The width range that our company can produce is 500mm-2600mm, but in order to ensure that the product surface can reach the best condition, it is recommended to consult in advance before purchasing.

aluminum diamond plate sheets near me

6082 aluminum diamond plate near me

6082 aluminum diamond plate is a kind of alloy pattern aluminum plate, which has good hardness and can be used in many aspects. At present, the production technology of our company's 6082 aluminum plate is very mature. The 6082 series produced has a flat surface and high hardness, which is more suitable for the end use requiring hardness.

Compared with the 1060 series and 5083 series, the hardness of 6082 is significantly higher than the above two types. If you need high-hardness aluminum plates or patterned aluminum plates, you can choose 6082 alloy.

4x8 aluminum diamond plate near me

Can aluminum diamond plate near me bend?

When aluminum diamond plate is applied to various stairs, 90 degree bending is required at this time. Therefore, the bending performance of aluminum diamond plate is one of the more important mechanical properties. The aluminum diamond plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has undergone strict annealing treatment and has good bending performance. In the thickness range of 1.0-6.0mm, this series of aluminum sheets will not have cracks and seams when the sheet metal is bent at 90 degrees. At the same time, it also has good hardness and excellent elongation. At the same time, it has the following characteristics: light weight, high hardness, small thickness tolerance, and good rust resistance.

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