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Aluminum diamond plate sheet


Aluminum diamond plate sheet

Aluminum diamond plate sheetit is not very simple to make a regular pattern on the aluminum plate sheet, which means that there is an extra step in the processing process. Sister Zeng, who is involved in the process, not only uses machinery and equipment, but also adds more manpower and material resources, and the cost will definitely increase. So, what do we need to pay attention to during use to extend the usable time of aluminum diamond plate sheet? You know, aluminium checker plate is also a kind of metal material, which needs to be protected and maintained by scientific methods during daily use. Pay attention to regular cleaning. There are scientific methods for appearance cleaning, and there are also precautions. It is necessary to understand these clearly in advance to avoid improper cleaning methods, which will eventually lead to residues of stains, corrosion or deformation of aluminum diamond plate sheet.

Aluminum diamond plate sheet

Where can aluminum diamond plate sheet be used?

The aluminum diamond plate sheet has beautiful appearance, high anti-slip performance, high strength, and less material, these are its advantages. A wide range of applications include transportation, construction, decoration, equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields. There are also many applications of it in life, such as home appliances, vehicles, pipes, building structures and other products.

aluminum diamond plate sheet 4 x 10

Types of aluminum diamond plate sheet

There are many types of aluminum diamond plate sheet, which can be used in different industries. The cheapest aluminum diamond plate sheet is processed from the common 1060 aluminum plate as the raw material. The raw material cost is relatively low, and the production process is simple, so the price of natural products is low. If the performance requirements are not high. Can use this product;

3000 series aluminium checker plate is processed with gold 3003 aluminum plate as the primary raw material. It has strength and impact resistance, and also has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, but the degree is average. But it can still be used in ordinary occasions where anti-skid is required.

The 5000 series aluminium checker plate is generally processed from aluminum 5052 aluminum plate. Unlike the 3000 series, this series of alloys have strong strength and hardness, rust and corrosion resistance, and can be used in ships and even in the aerospace industry.

aluminum diamond plate sheet for sale

Aluminum diamond plate sheet for trailer

Aluminum diamond plate sheet is a very suitable material for trailers.

Aluminium checker plate is a popular choice. You will often see it used in industrial sidewalks, stairs, ramps, kick boards and other applications, in which case the material will be affected by the elements and daily wear and tear. This is why it is a good product for your trailer.

On the trailer floor, we have non-slip aluminum checkered plates (such as diamond plates), 3 bar aluminum checkered plates and 5 bar aluminum checkered plates. 1060 and 3003 aluminum alloys are used, and 2-8mm thick aluminum checkered plates are used for the aluminum plate of the trailer panel to ensure transportation safety and increase the friction coefficient.

With the increasing demand for aluminum sheets from all walks of life, aluminum sheets themselves are constantly undergoing technical transformations. Aluminum diamond plate sheet is the product of this transformation. Its appearance makes traditional aluminum sheets and other plates gradually fade out of the market. Because it has many excellent features. However, any product will undergo corrosion and wear during use, and it is still necessary to strengthen the protection and maintenance operations to extend the service life.

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