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Aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8


Different aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8

Which production occasions are different types of aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8 suitable for? Let's listen to the introduction of the industry's authority on this, and hope that after the introduction, everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of this matter.

In the actual aluminum plate sales market, the aluminum checker plate can be divided into different shapes according to the pattern style: aluminum checkerplate, 5 bar aluminum checkerplate, lentil-shaped, spherical, diamond-shaped patterned aluminum plates with different shapes. Generally speaking, aluminum diamond plate is the most common. I believe that professional personnel have a certain understanding of this.

aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8

Aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8 for decoration

In projects that require decoration, we will use a lentil-shaped aluminum checker plate for decoration. This is a kind of aluminum that is commonly used for anti-slip, with excellent anti-slip effect. This kind of aluminum is generally used in automobiles, passages and elevators, workshop floor skid, cold storage floor skid, etc.

how much is a 4x8 sheet of diamond plate

Aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8 weight

Aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8 weight=thickness (mm)*1220(mm)*2440(mm)*aluminum sheet density, the density of aluminum diamond plate sheets is usually 2.71g/cm³.

Assuming that the thickness of the aluminum checker plate is 4mm, we already know that the length is 2440mm, the width is 1220mm, and the density is 2.71g/cm³. Please pay attention to the unit conversion when calculating.

Theoretical weight = 4 * 2.44 * 1.22 * 2.71*0.001 = 32.268512 kg, which is the weight of a piece of aluminum checker plate.

Aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8 weight

How to choose high-quality aluminum diamond plate sheets 4x8?

The material is excellent. Although aluminum diamond plates of different compositions have different material qualities, regardless of the specific material composition of the material, it is necessary to ensure that the composition ratio is scientific and reasonable. Only when the materials are good, the product can reach a higher level of quality.

The surface quality is good. Regardless of from the aspect of the material of aluminum diamond plate or the aspect of its surface treatment effect, as a high-quality material, it should have a very good surface quality. From the appearance, there will be no quality defects and blemishes, and the texture will be very good.

The size error is small. Various specifications of aluminum sheets have corresponding dimensional error standards. In order for the material to have a good quality, the manufacturer needs to ensure that the dimensional error of the material meets the standard and achieve a higher level of accuracy in terms of size.

The aluminum diamond plate that meets the above requirements is of good quality. Before purchasing the aluminum checker plate, you need to determine whether the selected material meets these requirements. If you choose a trustworthy aluminum sheet manufacturer, you don't have to worry about these problems. Welcome to consult!

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