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Aluminum diamond plate weight


Aluminum diamond plate weight

Aluminum diamond plate refers to aluminum tread plate with diamond pattern. Its pattern has many shapes, lentil shape, diamond pattern, round bean shape, oblate mixed shape, etc. Aluminum diamond plate is very common in the market. The aluminum diamond plate is beautiful in appearance, non-slip, and has good performance. The quality of the plate is mainly realized by the pattern formation rate and the pattern height. Many customers will ask how to calculate aluminum diamond plate weight. The following is a detailed introduction.

aluminum diamond plate weight calculator

How to calculate aluminum diamond plate weight?

In the first step, you need to know the weight calculation formula: weight = density × volume.

In the second step, if you do not know the density of a specific alloy, you can calculate it according to the density of aluminum as 2.7g/cm3. Assuming the aluminum diamond plate size is 4'x 8'x 1/4", the volume is 1152 cubic inches or 18877cm3, multiplied by the density of 2.7g/cm3, the weight is 50 kg or 110 pounds. The final result is Each piece of 1/4 inch thick aluminum diamond plate weighs 50 kilograms or 110 pounds.

Precautions for calculating aluminum diamond plate weight

First of all, the weight data we obtained above is the weight of each 1/4 inch thick aluminum diamond plate. If you need more than one aluminum diamond plate, you need to multiply the weight calculated by the above method by the number of pieces.

Another and very important point is that the unit of measurement for the data you use must be at the same level. If the unit of measurement is not the same level, the result is wrong. This is an important and easily overlooked point.

aluminum diamond plate weight

Aluminum diamond plate weight for different applications

Aluminum diamond plate is a commonly used aluminium checker plate. It is used as a heat-dissipating material in refrigeration equipment. Its technical point is to have uneven patterns on a flat aluminum plate with patterned rollers. It has a much larger surface area than a flat aluminum plate, so its heat dissipation speed is fast, and it also speeds up the refrigeration of the refrigeration equipment and reduces the power consumption of the refrigeration equipment.

The aluminium checker plate is flat, cut to size and easy to install. It is widely used in wall decoration, stairs and stair treads.

aluminum diamond plate weight per square foot

Aluminum diamond plate weight and price

Aluminum diamond plate can be divided into pure aluminum plate and alloy aluminum plate, and the price of the two types of aluminum plate is different.

The price of aluminum diamond plate is mainly priced according to its specifications, sizes and patterns. If the thickness of aluminum diamond plate is different, the price will be different. In addition, there are many other influencing factors.

National standards stipulate that the pattern height of aluminum checker plate should be greater than or equal to 20% of the thickness of the base plate. The common thickness of aluminum checker plate on the market ranges from 2.0-8mm, and the common width is generally 1250 and 1500mm. You can contact the manufacturer to customize it according to your needs.

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