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Aluminum diamond tread plate


Introduction to aluminum diamond tread plate

Aluminum diamond tread plate alloy series: 1xxx series 3xxx series 5xxx series 6xxx series

Typical alloy 1100, 1060, 3003, 5052, 5754, 5083, 6061, 6063, 6082

Tempering treatment H*2, H*4, T4, T6

Thickness (mm) 0.8-9.0

Width (mm) 100-1850

Length (mm) 500-16000

The use of aluminum diamond tread plate is very common. With the continuous increase in the number of manufacturers, a variety of aluminum sheet qualities have begun to appear on the market, and the differences are very large. So how do we choose high-quality aluminium checker plate? The aluminium checker plate manufacturer will teach you a few methods.

aluminum diamond tread plate

How to choose aluminum diamond tread plate

thickness. Using high-quality aluminum sheet, the thickness, compressive strength, oxide film thickness and other thicknesses should meet the national industry standards. There is a standard value for the thickness of the aluminum sheet, the compressive strength, the tensile strength, and the thickness of the oxide film. If it does not meet the requirements, it is a fake aluminum sheet.

Aluminum diamond tread plate processing. The aluminum plate and aluminum sheet manufactured by the reliable large-scale factory have fine materials, smooth surface, clear and neat patterns, flat aluminum sheet, no oil stains, scratches and other shortcomings on the surface; the aluminum sheet pattern manufactured by the small factory is made of waste aluminum. The surface is matte, the pattern is unclear, uneven, the surface is not flat, the characteristics are unqualified, and the quality is poor.

Aluminum diamond tread plate service. From the manufacturer's production line to the company's production workshop, there are many stages in the whole process, including packaging, loading, transportation, storage and unpacking. For example, oxidation and scratching are disadvantages that the patterned aluminum sheet will be difficult to avoid. Large-scale and high-quality service providers will provide customers with the necessary scale. Evacuate and change service items to deal with customer concerns.

how to cut aluminum diamond tread plate

Aluminum diamond tread plate price

Aluminum diamond tread plate price. The aluminum pattern is divided into pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, and the price is of course different. The production cost of diamond tread plates manufactured by general manufacturers is several thousand yuan. The price of alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum, and the price of aluminum sheet from general manufacturers is 20%-30% higher than that of fake aluminum. When purchasing a company, if the product fails to be purchased because of the low price, it will seriously affect the later use.

aluminum tread brite diamond plate

Non-slip aluminum diamond tread plate

1. The non-slip aluminum diamond tread plate is often used in cold storage, carriages, and ship bilges. This series of aluminum sheets do not need to be suspended or load-bearing, so there is no need to choose ultra-thick and ultra-high hardness aluminum sheets.

For special places (such as places that need to be suspended in the air, or have high corrosion possibility, or are prone to rust and corrosion), it is recommended to use 5052 or 6061 non-slip aluminum sheets. This series of non-slip aluminum sheets are anti-rust and excellent in corrosion resistance.

Where it is suspended in the air and needs to be stepped on by the staff, it is recommended to use alloy series, and the thickness shall not be less than 6.0mm. The anti-skid aluminum sheet of this series and thickness can ensure the safety of the staff to the greatest extent, while ensuring the service life of the anti-skid aluminum sheet.

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