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Introduction of aluminum flat plate

Aluminum flat plate is what we usually call aluminum plate. The cross section is rectangular. One of the commonly used specifications of aluminum flat plate is 4x8 aluminum plate. Other aluminum plate types including aluminum checker plate. One of the reasons why aluminum is processed into aluminum plates is that it is easy to transport and easy to transport to all parts of the world. Choose a professional aluminum flat plate manufacturer, which can provide high-quality aluminum plates or foils from 1000 series to 8000 series alloys. Common alloys for aluminum flat plate include 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series. Other series of aluminum alloys are not commonly used, and the 8000 series are generally aluminum foil products.

aluminum flat plate

Features of high-quality aluminum flat plate

What are the characteristics of high-quality aluminum flat plate? There is no common damage on the surface, such as scratches, bumps, cracks, blisters, stains, deformation, sand holes, marks, corrosion, etc.

Pure aluminum flat plate has better corrosion resistance

Aluminum flat plate aluminum plate, 1060, 1050, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5083 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate alloy. Purity is directly proportional to corrosion resistance. The main reason is that aluminum plays a role in neutralizing oxygen in the air. The higher the purity, the more obvious the effect. A very natural oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum, which is thin and dense, and forms an oxide film faster and thicker than other metals. The oxide film can prevent further corrosion of harmful gases and water in the air, thereby protecting the surface of the aluminum plate.

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Common specifications of aluminum flat plate

Aluminum is a very important metal. Due to its excellent properties, aluminum plays an important role in modern industry. In order to facilitate transportation, aluminum materials are generally processed into aluminum sheets of different thicknesses, which are convenient for transportation to all parts of the world. One of the commonly used specifications is 4x8 aluminum sheet and 5x10 aluminum sheet.

Buy aluminum flat plate from aluminum plate manufacturers

As an extremely advantageous material, aluminum flat plate has been widely used in various fields. If you need to purchase aluminum plate, if you want to purchase high-quality aluminum plate, you must choose a professional aluminum plate manufacturer, because the quality of aluminum flat plate will affect the quality of your project.

3/8 aluminum flat plate

Aluminum flat plate manufacturer

So popular, where can I buy aluminum flat plate with high quality and low price? Mingtai Aluminum will be a good choice. The aluminum flat plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has high precision. Strictly observe the vertical and horizontal parallel errors and vertical and horizontal errors. According to the needs of different customers, the aluminum plate can be placed in two directions on the plane with very high accuracy. And the surface roughness RA of the cutting section is less than or equal to 25 (when the feed speed is 1m/min), which ensures the accuracy of the customer's products in the production.

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