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Aluminum honeycomb sheet panel

The surface of the aluminum honeycomb sheet panel is made of aluminum honeycomb sheet coated with PVDF, with aluminum honeycomb in the middle. This product is manufactured through cold glue and hot pressing technology.

Its structure is honeycomb, which is why it is named after honeycomb. Provides strength and consistent stiffness at a very low density. When applying this material to similar lightweight finishes. Each honeycomb hole is like a net, forming a very strong lightweight composite board.

Aluminum honeycomb sheet panel is an aluminum sandwich panel with high rigidity and extremely low weight. In construction, transportation, display or industrial production, they are all widely used project materials.

aluminum honeycomb sheet

What is aluminum honeycomb sheet?

Aluminum Alloy (1100/3003/5052, etc.)

Regular size (width x length): 1220x2440mm, 4'x8'

Maximum. Dimensions (width x length): 2600x16000mm

Conventional thickness: 5/6/8/10/12/15/20/25mm

Surface treatment: PE / PVDF roller coating, PE / PVDF powder coating, anodizing, etc.

Color treatment: any RAL color, wood/stone texture

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What is aluminum honeycomb sheet used for?

For architecture

In the field of construction, aluminum honeycomb sheet often appears in subway stations, large shopping malls, conference rooms, curtain walls; shutters, roofs, ceiling partitions, sound insulation panels, etc.; it is also suitable for banks and hotels. The aluminum honeycomb sheet not only has a good decorative effect, but also can use the characteristics of vibration reduction to reduce casualties and property losses caused by earthquakes.

In the aerospace industry, the most advanced and reliable materials must be used to ensure the best safety, life and strength in demanding applications.

For aerospace

Aerospace materials must be lightweight to achieve the best aerodynamic performance. It effectively ensures the safety of pilots and passengers and withstands the physical forces of flight; and has heat resistance to ensure that structural changes are kept to a minimum when extreme temperature fluctuations occur suddenly during high-speed and high-altitude flight.

Aluminum honeycomb sheet (especially aluminum honeycomb) can effectively meet all the above requirements.

aluminum honeycomb sheet suppliers

Aluminum honeycomb sheet near me

If you need an aluminum honeycomb sheet for your next project, Mingtai Aluminum is a good choice.

Mingtai Aluminum has introduced the world-class Zhuoshen foil rolling mill and the ANDRITZ profile roll, which provides a guarantee for the realization of high-quality aluminum honeycomb sheet. In the process of producing 3003 aluminum sheet, the processing quality, texture, grain structure, composition, etc. are strictly controlled, and the product performance has reached the international advanced level. After testing, the wind resistance of aluminum honeycomb made of it greatly exceeds that of aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum veneers, and it is not easy to deform and has good flatness. The flatness of the large aluminum honeycomb curtain wall panel is also very good.

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