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Aluminum hot plate

Aluminum hot plate means that the aluminum plate is produced by the hot rolling process. The production process of the aluminum plate includes hot rolling, casting rolling, casting, etc., among which the aluminum plate made by hot rolling has various properties such as stretching and oxidation. It is better than aluminum plates produced by other processes. However, the equipment cost and production cost of aluminum hot plate are relatively high.

How to make aluminum hot plate

Speaking of hot rolling, you will think of cold rolling. Both cold rolling and hot rolling are rolling methods, but cold rolling is rolling below the recrystallization temperature, while hot rolling is the opposite. To put it simply, a billet is heated and then rolled several times, and then trimmed to form an aluminum plate. This is called hot rolling. Can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce costs. The advantages of the hot rolling process include the following: high metal plasticity and low deformation resistance, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of metal deformation. The processing performance of metals and alloys will also be improved.

aluminum hot plate

Classification of aluminum hot plate

Aluminum and aluminum alloy hot-rolled products are generally divided into two categories, one is hot-rolled coil, and the other is thick aluminum hot plate.

Thick aluminum hot plate refers to aluminum and aluminum alloy plates with a thickness of not less than 7.0 mm. The main varieties are hot-rolled plates, annealed plates, quenched or quenched pre-stretched plates, etc. Thick aluminum hot plates are usually produced by the block method on hot rolling mills. The traditional process is: ingot homogenization-milling-heating-hot rolling-cut to length-straightening. (Reference: pure aluminum plate)

Aluminum and aluminum alloys with a thickness of less than 7.0mm are usually produced in hot-rolled coils, and the products are mainly used as cold-rolled billets, and they are also used to produce aluminum sheets.

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Stretchable aluminum hot plate

What we provide is mill finish aluminum sheet, but in fact, after the customer buys the aluminum sheet back, it will be processed differently. There are many processing methods for aluminum plates in the process of use: among them are stretching, bending, stamping, cutting and so on. If the hardness of the aluminum plate used for stretching is too high, it will burst. Therefore, depending on the height of the stretching and the stretching method, the elongation and tensile strength of the aluminum plate will have different requirements. Both aluminum hot plate and cold plate can be used as stretching materials, but aluminum hot plate has better effect.

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How to distinguish aluminum cold plate and aluminum hot plate?

First of all, it can be roughly judged by visual inspection, usually the aluminum hot plate surface is brighter; second, it can be tested by the elongation, usually the elongation of the aluminum hot plate is higher than the elongation of the aluminum cold plate;

In addition, the difference can be seen through the crystal image. Hot rolling is a processed structure that has undergone more than 90% thermal deformation and is recrystallized simultaneously during the hot rolling process. Therefore, the grains of the strip are fine and the properties are uniform. The middle layer of the strip shows a cast structure with feather-shaped columnar crystals.

China Mingtai Aluminum produces and sells various series of aluminum hot plates. The internal structure of the product is good, the grain size is high, the ductility is strong, and the anodizing effect is good. We provide high-quality aluminum hot plates, and users at home and abroad are welcome to inquire about the specific data of the product. We also provide non-slip and beautiful aluminium checker plate.

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