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Aluminum metal sheet


Aluminum metal sheet

The reason why aluminum metal sheet can be used in many industries is inseparable from some of its own characteristics. Of course, when buying aluminum sheets, you may buy them in large quantities, taking into account the freight costs. Then for those aluminum sheets that are not used in the project, they need to be stored, then some problems will arise at this time, because some companies have problems with aluminum sheets due to improper storage, so it is necessary for us to understand the correct aluminum Film storage method. The storage method is universal, whether it is 1/8 aluminum sheet or other specifications.

aluminum metal sheet

Aluminum metal sheet 6061

Aluminum metal sheet is a relatively common material in our daily life. There are many types of it. Among them, 6061 alloy aluminum sheet is a representative of alloy aluminum sheet. Today, the aluminum sheet manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum uses 6061 alloy aluminum sheet Take maintenance as an example to discuss.

The main element composition of 6061 alloy aluminum sheet is aluminum, silicon, iron, copper, magnesium, etc. Due to the properties of 6061 alloy aluminum sheet itself, it is often used in thin plates, automobile bodies, etc. For 6061 alloy aluminum sheet, Good maintenance is very necessary.

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How to maintain aluminum metal sheet?

In the process of transporting aluminum metal sheet, handling with care is the basic requirement. If it is bumped, it may cause surface damage and affect the appearance of the surface. Then, during the transportation process, the basic requirement: cover it with a cloth to prevent rain and snow.

The basic requirements of the storage environment are dry, bright, well-ventilated, and non-corrosive climate. This is also to prevent the intrusion of rain, water, and snow; storing the product together with chemical materials and wet materials is also not allowed.

During storage, small aluminum sheets are placed on a shelf, and thick boards and ultra-wide boards are best to be padded with wooden boards on the bottom, and then placed on the ground.

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Precautions for storing aluminum metal sheet

When placing the aluminum metal sheet, do not put it with some chemical materials and moist materials, which will affect the aluminum sheet; also when storing, we must remember to place the aluminum sheet after the aluminum sheet is placed. Cover the surface with a layer of tarpaulin to ensure that it will not be polluted by rain, snow and dust; in addition, the storage environment should be well ventilated and non-corrosive, so as to ensure that the aluminum sheet will not cause problems during storage.

During the storage process, you must also be careful when handling, and avoid collisions during the transportation, so as not to leave scratches on the surface and affect the aesthetics. If you want to know more information, you can check it on our website or send us an email, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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