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Aluminum name plate


Aluminum name plate for sale

Aluminum is a low-density metal, known for its low density, but adding some elements to it will increase its strength. Aluminum is very soft, so it is easy to process and shape. Its familiar silver-white luster can provide excellent contrast and readability in almost any color. Based on the above characteristics of aluminum, these are the reasons why it is used as the raw material of aluminum name plate. And aluminum nameplates are often cheaper than other metal nameplates.

Aluminum name plate

Aluminum name plate manufacturers

What are the characteristics of the aluminum name plate of aluminum name plate manufacturers?

Lightweight and durable. Due to the low density of aluminum, it is flexible, and molding and shaping into a customized nameplate shape is a very easy process. This combination of lightness and durability makes aluminum an excellent choice for nameplates in any standard equipment environment.

Aluminum is also corrosion resistant and can be placed in many different environments. By coating aluminum name plate to improve wear resistance and scratch resistance. The expected service life is up to 10 years. A nameplate exposed to particularly harsh conditions, if it is anodized, will benefit from additional protection. It can withstand sunlight and has an outdoor service life of more than 20 years without fading.

Aluminum itself has good gloss and can be printed. When printing, it provides excellent contrast between metal and graphics. This surface treatment is attractive. The aluminum nameplate shows that the product itself has a professional appearance. Nameplates with various sizes, surface treatments, thicknesses and colors are a very economical choice.

Anodized aluminum name plates

Anodized aluminum name plates suppliers

Anodized aluminum name plates suppliers provide professional anodized aluminum name plates. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so the service life of the product has been improved.

The aluminum plate of the anode is oxidized and a thin layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface. The anodized aluminum plate has improved its hardness and wear resistance, and has good heat resistance, excellent insulation, and enhanced corrosion resistance. The film has a strong adsorption capacity for micropores and can be colored into various beautiful and gorgeous colors.

Anodized aluminum nameplates are widely used and are very suitable for some applications including: aerospace, automotive, industry, sports and lifestyle, and railways.

Aluminum name plate manufacturers

Aluminum name plate price

We want to calculate the quotation for you as quickly as possible, but this requires the cooperation of our work. To get the aluminum name plate price quickly, there are some questions that need your answers. What is the size of your product (thickness * width * length)? Where will the metal nameplate be placed/installed? We will ask about your company's general contact information, product needs and uses, and product usage. We are committed to helping you customize the aluminum name plate that best suits your needs.

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