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Aluminum panel sheet


Introduction of aluminum panel sheet

The aluminum composite panel is composed of a variety of materials, one of which is the aluminum panel sheet. Aluminum panel sheet is mainly used for exterior wall decoration. It can also be called embossed aluminum sheet. There are many types of alloys. The aluminum panel sheet can be 1100 aluminum sheet, 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, 3003 aluminum sheet, 3005 aluminum sheet, 5005 aluminum sheet and so on. Regarding the thickness, you can choose 1/8 aluminum sheet, and the specification can choose 4'x8' aluminum sheet. The specific choice of alloy type needs to be based on your project requirements.

aluminum panel sheet

Application of aluminum panel sheet

The application of aluminum in life is very extensive, but you may not know the application of aluminum panel sheet. Nowadays, aluminum panel sheets are everywhere. As a composite material, aluminum panel sheet has been widely used in the construction industry. It has played an important role in the development of modern buildings in the direction of comfort, lightness, durability, economy, and environmental protection.

Aluminum panel sheet 3004

The roof material must be a relatively corrosion-resistant material. The choice of 3000 series aluminum for aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels has become a new choice. There are a wide range of roofing materials and corrugated boards in the market. You can choose 3004 aluminum sheet, 3005 aluminum sheet, etc. 3004 has a low density, only 1/3 of steel, and light weight. At the same time, the aluminum-magnesium-manganese-aluminum sheet is strong. If some other processes are added, such as processing and heat treatment, it can achieve higher strength, and even the structure of large passenger aircraft ; Using aluminum-magnesium-manganese-aluminum sheet as a building material for outdoor roofs has a relatively strong anti-rust function, excellent corrosion resistance, and a long service life.

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Aluminum panel sheet 3105

3105 aluminum sheet is very suitable for color coating. In the automobile, it can be used for the side panels of the trailer. The surface is smooth and flat, strong, and easy to process and shape. 3105 aluminum-magnesium-manganese-aluminum sheet is corrosion-resistant, brighter, and more beautiful. At the same time, the heat preservation effect is better than that of steel plate.

Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum panel sheet has good anti-rust performance, good processing performance, novel product shape and long service life. In addition to the use of 3105 aluminum sheet in roofing material and corrugated board, it can also be widely used in can pull ring material.

aluminum panel sheet price

Advantages of aluminum panel sheet for construction

Good coloring, after color coating, it can play a decorative role, and it can make it not fade within a certain number of years, extending the service life;

Installation and construction are convenient and quick. The aluminum sheet is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut and simply fixed;

Can reduce the quality of the building structure;

Reduce transportation costs and the workload of construction and installation;

Improve the service life of the structure;

It can improve the conditions of use in areas with high seismic intensity;

Expand the scope of use of the activity structure;

Improve the utilization conditions of houses;

Ensure high construction quality;

Improve the reliability of low temperature structure work.

It can be recycled and reused, which is good for environmental protection. The recycling value is higher.

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