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Aluminum plate near me


Aluminum plate near me

Aluminum plate near me has many advantages

Aluminum plate near me alloy range: 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX. The thickness is 0.2-500mm, the width is 100-2600mm, and the length is 500-16000mm. Thousands of specifications of aluminum plate materials are widely used in various industries such as decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, weapons and so on. With such a wide range of applications, aluminum plate near me must have many advantages.

aluminum plate near me

Excellent machinability of aluminum plate near me

Compared with steel, the cutting speed of aluminum alloy is 4 times faster. Therefore, the mold manufacturing cycle can be shortened by using aluminum alloy materials. In addition, excellent cutting performance can greatly reduce the wear of cutting tools and extend their service life, thereby reducing production costs and material waste.

Aluminum plate near me with low density design

Aluminum is a metal with low density and high strength. The density of aluminum alloy is only 2700kg/m3, and the density of steel is three times that of aluminum. Aluminum plate material is easy to move and transport, and because of its light weight, it can be easily processed and used. This advantage has also been widely used in transportation, especially in the energy-saving and emission-reduction aspects of new energy vehicles.

Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum plate near me

The conductivity and heat dissipation effect of aluminum plate is second only to copper, and the price is much lower than copper. Therefore, aluminum plate has been widely used in power, electronic heat dissipation and other industries, greatly reducing production costs.

The thermal conductivity is 123W/m·K-170W/m·K, which is 4 times that of steel. Aluminum alloy can effectively shorten the cooling time of parts.

Decorative aluminum plate near me

Corrosion resistance advantages of aluminum plate near me

Corrosion resistance is another advantage of aluminum sheet. The chemical composition is stable, and it is less affected by the external environment, so the service life is longer. The aluminum sheet will form an oxide film on the surface after it is in contact with the outside air, which can prevent the aluminum sheet from continuing to oxidize and corrode. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of the aluminum sheet can increase the service life, especially for the products used in the outdoor environment, which are high-quality raw materials. Architectural decoration and marine grade aluminum are very typical applications.

Decorative aluminum plate near me

With the beautiful appearance of aluminum plate material, it can be used in some aluminum consumer products. Such as some decorations, handicrafts, tableware, cooking utensils, as well as ladders, bicycles, lamps (reflectors), flashlights, furniture, and even tent poles, sports equipment, etc.

Under the current environmentally friendly trend advocated, aluminum products will give play to its unique advantages and play a greater role in energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction and material recycling.

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