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7075 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series super-hard aluminum. 7075 aluminum alloy is an ultra-high-strength deformed aluminum alloy that has been widely used in the aircraft industry since the late 1940s.

7075 aluminum sheet price about performance

1. 7075 aluminum sheet is a cold-treated wrought alloy with high strength and high hardness, which is far superior to soft steel;
2. It is one of the most powerful alloys for commercial use, with common corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction. Fine grain makes deep drilling performance better, tool wear resistance enhanced, thread rolling more different from heavy;
3. Good plasticity after solution treatment, heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good, high strength below 150 ℃, and particularly good low temperature strength.

7075 aluminum sheet price about application

The typical use of 7075 aluminum sheet is to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress structural parts that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance, such as aircraft upper and lower wing wall panels, beams, bulkheads, etc. 

It can also be used in high-end mobile phones, various molds such as ultrasonic plastic welding molds, shoe molds, paper molds, foam molding molds, dewaxing molds, etc., golf heads, templates, fixtures, mechanical equipment, high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frames And other fields.

Influencing factors of 7075 aluminum sheet price

In general, the price of 7075 aluminum sheet is related to the specifications of 7075 aluminum sheet and the temper of 7075 aluminum sheet. Another factor is the market price of aluminum ingots. The price of 7075 aluminum sheet with special specifications is higher than that of ordinary specifications, such as ultra-wide and thick 7075 aluminum sheet. The prices of 7075-O and 7075-T6 are different for different temper 7075 aluminum sheets.

Mingtai Aluminum 7075 Aluminum Sheet

1. Mingtai Aluminum 7075 ultra-wide aluminum plate has internal stress relief and no deformation during cutting. The maximum width can reach 2600mm and the maximum thickness can reach 200mm. It is one of the rare aluminum plate suppliers in China with this production capacity.
2. Mingtai Aluminum 7075 aluminum sheet is rolled by the German SMS Siemag six-high cold rolling mill, which has better product shape, higher precision and more stable performance.
3. All special specifications 7075 aluminum alloy plate produced by Mingtai are all ultrasonically detected, which can effectively ensure no trachoma and impurities.

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