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Aluminum plate thickness


Aluminum plate thickness

There are many grades and thicknesses of aluminum plates to choose from. There are many common aluminum plate thicknesses, such as 1/8 inch aluminum plate, 1/4 aluminum plate, 3 8 aluminum plate, 1/2 inch aluminum plate, 3/4 aluminum plate, and so on. Strictly speaking, 1/8 inch aluminum plate should be called 1/8 inch aluminum sheet. This is because there is a limit value of thickness between the aluminum sheet and the aluminum plate.

Aluminum plate thickness

At what aluminum plate thickness does sheet become plate?

Aluminum plate refers to any aluminum plate with a thickness greater than 1/4 inch. Aluminum sheet refers to aluminum pieces with a thickness greater than 0.2 mm and less than 1/4 inch. Aluminum sheet is used in some specific applications, these applications must require durability more important than weight reduction. For example, it can be used in cars that must be durable to pass a crash test.

the difference

The only difference between aluminum sheet and aluminum plate is the thickness of the metal. There are no other comparison items between them, because they all correspond to different uses, depending on the durability and weight requirements of different items.

Aluminum plate thickness weight

Aluminum plate thickness and weight

To know the aluminum plate weight, the thickness is essential.

Calculation method of aluminum plate weight:

The weight of the aluminum plate is easy to calculate. Just multiply the correct alloy density by the thickness, width and length of the desired product.

Metric density (g / cm3) x thickness x width x length = weight

Example 2.71g / cm3 x 1mm x 1.25mx 2.5m8.46 kg

Imperial density (lbs / in3) x thickness x width x length = weight

Example 0.10 pounds/inch 3 x 0.125 inches x 48 inches x 144 inches = 86.4 pounds

For imperial weight calculations, certain measures (fractions) need to be converted to decimal inches.

In order to make accurate calculations, the rolling tolerances that affect the thickness are allowed, and the cutting tolerances that affect the width and length are also important. These data will change as the thickness changes.

1/4 Aluminum plate thickness

Which aluminum plate thickness is suitable for bending?

Is aluminum plate thickness related to bending? The two are of course related. Customers will ask questions about the bending of aluminum plates when they buy aluminum plates. For example, what is the bending coefficient of 3mm aluminum plates? What is the bending coefficient of 5mm aluminum plates? Which aluminum plate thickness will crack during bending?

There is a law between the bending coefficient of aluminum sheet and the thickness of aluminum sheet. In theory, the bending coefficient of aluminum sheet is 0.8 times of thickness. For example, the bending coefficient of 2mm aluminum sheet is 1.6, and the bending coefficient of 4mm aluminum sheet is 3.2.

Causes of cracking when the aluminum plate is bent 180 degrees:

1. The bent side is parallel to the rolling direction of the aluminum plate, so it is easy to crack. Turn the bending direction by 90 degrees.

2. The 180 degree bending angle is too large and smaller than the bending radius. Generally, the bending radius is 1.5 times the plate thickness.

3. Aluminum plate material. The toughness of alloy aluminum plate is not as good as that of pure aluminum aluminum plate, and it is easy to crack.

4. The thick aluminum plate is easy to crack if it is bent 180 degrees.

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