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Aluminum sheet 3003 h14

You already know the existence of aluminum sheet 3003 h14, do not know whether it meets your requirements for the next project material? Do you want to know some information about aluminum sheet 3003 h14? Aluminum sheet manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum may be able to provide you with some help.

If you know some information about 3003 aluminum sheet, you should know that 3003 aluminum sheet is a common product in the aluminum-manganese alloy series. The manganese element plays a decisive role in 3003 alloy, which makes 3003 aluminum sheet have higher strength than 1100 aluminum sheet and also has anti-rust properties. In construction, there is a certain degree of strength if needed. Anti-corrosion, low-priced materials, you can choose 3003 aluminum sheet.

Aluminum sheet 3003 h14

Aluminum sheet 3003 h14 tensile strength

We first need to know the meaning of 3003 h14.

H represents cold work hardening, and the number behind H represents the different degrees and types of this method.

H1 represents the pure work hardening state, which is the last cold-rolled product. Without additional heat treatment, the product has relatively high hardness and low tensile strength. H2 represents the state of work hardening and incomplete annealing, and finally heat treatment. The heat-treated product has low hardness and high tensile strength. The intensity of H14 is between H11 and H18, similarly, the intensity of H24 is between H21 and H28. The tensile strength of 3003-H14 is greater than 140MPa, and the tensile strength of 3003H24 aluminum sheet is around 240MPa. It is about 20% higher than the 1000 series.

Aluminum sheet 3003 h14 has lower strength than 5052 aluminum sheet

3003 aluminum sheet is a low-strength aluminum sheet strip product with certain rust and corrosion resistance. The price is slightly higher than that of 1060 aluminum sheet, but it is significantly lower than 5052 aluminum sheet. It is suitable for products with basic requirements for strength.

Aluminum sheet 3003 h14 strength

Production of aluminum sheet 3003 h14

The production of 3003 h14 aluminum sheet is rolling processing, which is often referred to as rolling, hot rolling and casting. For the hot rolling process, when the internal plasticity is deforming, the internal structure of the aluminum sheet will recover and crystallize several times to break the fine and large grains in the as-cast state, which improves the performance of the aluminum sheet. Incomparable advantages of rolling material.

Aluminum sheet 3003 h14 manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum aluminum sheet 3003 h14

Mingtai Aluminum aluminum sheet 3003 h14 belongs to the 3 series aluminum sheet. The material is mainly made of Al-Mn series alloy. It is not a heat-treated alloy, so it cannot be shaped by heat treatment. It is hardened and set in a semi-cold state; it has low plasticity during cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, and convenient welding, but it is not very convenient in cutting; it can be polished; it has a wide range of uses for aluminum sheets with high fatigue strength .

Mingtai Aluminum is a direct selling aluminum sheet manufacturer, and our aluminum sheet 3003 h14 is very competitive. You are welcome to consult.

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