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Aluminum sheet 5052


Applications of aluminum sheet 5052

5052 aluminum sheet is one of the representative products of the 5 series products. Aluminum sheet 5052 is widely used in electronic product accessories, precision machining, and many aspects of ships. 5052 h32 aluminum sheet is a commonly used temper

Aluminum sheet 5052

Surface defects of aluminum sheet 5052

Sometimes we will find flaws on the surface of 5052 aluminum sheet. The surface problems of the 5052 aluminum sheet are mostly related to the blank, but most of the reasons are derived from the various machines in the production process. We must pay more attention in the production process.

Aluminum sheet 5052

Aluminum sheet 5052 has black lines after oxidation

There are many reasons why 5052 aluminum sheet produces black filaments, such as the rolling mill oil dripping from the auxiliary machine train due to poor management, and the indentation caused by excessive pressure or excessive tension on the plate surface. If the thin material is rolled again, these dark marks will become thinner and thinner, forming dark lines or black lines. Even sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is oil or a mark, or even no color difference on the surface at all, but the performance is very obvious after oxidation. For customers, seeing the appearance of inconsistencies, they certainly do not accept such products.

The appearance of black lines on the surface of the aluminum sheet after oxidation is serious. Once this happens, there is almost no remedy, and the losses and consequences brought about are irreparable.

Color difference appears after aluminum sheet 5052 is oxidized

The second is chromatic aberration. In general, the appearance of the product, the color difference can not appear. No customer is willing to accept that the same product has two colors. To eliminate these problems, it is still necessary to rely on the source machine to control.

Aluminum sheet 5052

Sand holes appear after aluminum sheet 5052 is oxidized

There is a reason why 5052 aluminum sheet has sand holes. Sand holes are generally internal structural problems, which are caused by factors such as impurities or water vapor that are not cleaned out during ingot casting, or other elements are not evenly stirred. Therefore, it is required to control and detect well in the source link of ingot casting.

Performance requirements of aluminum sheet 5052

The performance requirements of 5052 aluminum sheet: tensile strength, hardness, elongation, bending requirements, etc.

As for the performance problems of 5052 aluminum sheet, the most common problem is bending deformation. This link cannot be generalized because of the different uses of customers' products, but there are standards.

Aluminum sheet 5052

Carefulness is required when producing aluminum sheet 5052

5052 aluminum sheet is widely used and has more product categories. But as long as you pay attention to the management and control of each link, control the common problems at the source, and the process is stable, the products made will definitely be favored by the market!

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