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Aluminum sheet cost

As long as you are willing to buy aluminum sheet, you must know the aluminum sheet cost. However, aluminum sheet cost is not a very certain number, it is often related to many factors. The most obvious is the relationship with the alloy. Just like the prices of apples and bananas are different, the cost of aluminum sheets with different alloys is also different, such as 3003 aluminum sheet and 6082 aluminum sheet.

aluminum sheet cost

The difference in aluminum sheet cost

To understand the difference in aluminum sheet cost, you must first understand the aluminum sheet from the initial selection to the final forming process. Each manufacturer is different in the selection of aluminum sheet. Take Henan Mingtai Aluminum for example, choose to use the best quality billet. During the processing, advanced production equipment, mature processing technology, and corresponding processing technology make the final formed aluminum alloy performance relatively stable. The cost of raw materials invested by different manufacturers in the equipment production process is different, so there will be more or less differences in the aluminum alloy products of each manufacturer.

aluminum sheet cost per square foot

Aluminum sheet cost and alloy

Aluminum sheet has low moisture permeability, excellent moisture resistance, safety, convenience, and long shelf life. According to the main alloying elements, the aluminum sheet can be divided into 2××× series for aluminum copper alloy sheet (Al--Cu), 3××× series for aluminum manganese alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Mn), 4××× The series is aluminum-silicon alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Si), the 5××× series is aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Mg), and the 6××× series is aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy aluminum sheet (AL--Mg- -Si), 7××× series is aluminum-zinc alloy aluminum sheet[AL--Zn--Mg--(Cu)]. Choose different alloys according to different projects, and then understand its cost.

aluminum sheet cost per kg

Aluminum sheet cost and uses

Application field: ship

Shipbuilding has some basic requirements for the materials used: it must have good performance, not easy to wear, and not easy to corrode. Therefore, alloy aluminum sheet is the best material choice. Because the alloy aluminum sheet is mainly made of aluminum, everyone knows that aluminum has a high degree of corrosion resistance and is not easy to damage. The marine aluminum alloy sheet has a long service life and can meet the requirements of ship production.

Application field: refrigerator

Refrigerator production, the basic requirement of materials is to have good airtightness. The use effect of the refrigerator is cold storage and freshness preservation, so the material used must meet these two requirements. The alloy aluminum sheet has very good sealing performance and can meet the production conditions of the refrigerator.

Application field: Mould

There are many molds, but under normal circumstances, companies will choose aluminum to make molds. Due to the many advantages of aluminum, and its low density, it is easy to move and make, so aluminum alloy sheet is the material of choice for mold companies.

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