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Aluminum sheet for trailers


Aluminum sheet for trailers gauge

Aluminum sheet for trailers, as the name implies, is aluminum sheet for trailers. The aluminum sheet for trailers are available in different thicknesses and colors. The thicknesses frequently used by customers are .024, .030, .040, and .050. If you want to control the cost of the project, many manufacturers use .024 thickness, but it is not the only option, and also provide customers with other thicknesses as options. Here are some specific applications of thickness.

.024 is a very small thickness, the use of this thickness may affect the installation process, the consequence is that it is easy to bend or have creases. Therefore, if the size of your trailer is relatively large, you can consider choosing a thicker specification than .024.

If your trailer is tall, 12 inches or more, the minimum thickness you should consider is 0.030 or more. Thicker aluminum sheet for trailers.

If the outer sheet metal is too thin, it will affect the outside of the trailer wall. Serious consequences may appear wavy. In order to avoid the above consequences, aluminum sheet for trailers thickness.

aluminum sheet for trailers

Paint aluminum sheet for trailers

We provide paint aluminum sheet for trailers, which is the aluminum sheet raw material we provide to you for color coating. Color-coated aluminum usually uses 3004 aluminum sheet and 3105 aluminum sheet as raw materials. The aluminum content of this type of alloy is basically 98%. Due to the addition of a small amount of other alloying elements, the strength is higher than that of the 1100 and 3003 alloys. 3000 series aluminum alloy cannot be hardened by heat treatment, but has basic aluminum alloy properties such as corrosion resistance, formability and welding characteristics. Paint aluminum sheet for trailers are usually used in racing cars, and 3000 series aluminum can also be used in the manufacture of residential siding and mobile homes, especially sheet metal processing in manufacturing. By comparing various welding methods, the weldability of the alloy is very good. If you choose from welding methods, you can choose arc welding.

aluminum sheet for trailers gauge

Advantages of paint aluminum sheet for trailers

Paint aluminum sheet for trailers can improve the aesthetics, and can also extend the service life through some processing, such as the use of hard topcoats and sealants; these coatings can withstand harsh weather and high temperatures. What are the benefits of aluminum coating? You can use this method to bring your old siding to new life and create a unique sense of art for faded homes and faded outdoor furniture.

Diamond aluminum sheet for trailers

Diamond aluminum sheet for trailers

Diamond aluminum sheet for trailers has obvious advantages such as acid corrosion resistance, long-lasting luster, beautiful pattern, anti-corrosion performance and stability, strong adhesion, impact resistance, no toxic side effects, safety and environmental protection. With the above characteristics, its surface is clean and shiny.

Diamond aluminum sheet is used as a metal sheet for trailers and RVs, changing rooms, public toilets, airports, hospitals and commercial kitchens. It is widely used in refrigerators, solar heat reflectors, aluminum decorative products, air conditioners, ventilation ducts, indoor and outdoor decoration, machinery and equipment houses And other industries. The surface of Diamond aluminum sheet can increase the thickness and strength of aluminum.

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