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Aluminum sheet gauges


Aluminum sheet gauges

Aluminum sheet gauges are used to measure the material thickness of aluminum sheet. These units are not metric standards and are completely independent of the more common measurement systems. For example, the thickness of No. 14 aluminum is 0.064 inches. The gauge number 14 has nothing to do with the actual measured value.

Not only aluminum materials have gauge values, but different materials have different thicknesses corresponding to the same gauge number. For example, the gauge number is 10; the corresponding thickness of aluminum is 0.080 inches, the thickness of stainless steel is 0.105 inches, the thickness of copper is 0.108 inches, and the thickness of brass is 0.081 inches.

Aluminum sheet gauges

Aluminum sheet gauges are unique in quality

We are different for the production of each aluminum sheet gauges customized by customers. The details are in place, the responsibility is to the person, to ensure the quality of the products produced, and the stable and reliable performance.

1. Every production link is strictly controlled, scientific work flow arrangement, detailed to every link, production with heart.

2. Ingenious workmanship, rigorous and scientific manufacturing process, to ensure product quality.

standard aluminum sheet gauges

The price of aluminum sheet gauges is different

In the era of "Internet +", Mingtai Aluminum follows the trend of scientific and high-quality aluminum sheet manufacturers, fully realizing the good combination of the Internet and tradition, and showing users a diversified purchase method;

1. You can directly go to the factory for on-site inspection, sign a contract on the spot, and determine your purchase intention;

2. You can also learn about the product directly through the website, leave a message online or send an email to us, which is convenient and fast.

You may have questions, if you dont go to the manufacturer directly, can you determine the quality of the product? Dont worry, if you need it, the companys sales manager will communicate with you in detail, so that you can truly and truly feel the manufacturers production strength , Workshop operation process and other real conditions. Synchronously update every process of the products you ordered for you.

At the same time, our aluminum sheet gauges have a certain relationship with the price. But, dont worry, our pricing is very economical. Because we have a flexible business model that saves costs, we offer more favorable prices.

common aluminum sheet gauges

Unique after-sales service of aluminum sheet gauges

Before sales, quickly understand the user's needs for aluminum sheet gauges, tailor-made to meet user needs; production landing, scheduling cycle, mass production; timely delivery, integrated, butler service. We insist on tracking each order in time to ensure that users can receive the goods on time.

No matter what questions you have about the order, you can consult our customer service staff online to solve any problems you encounter at any time, so as to be "timely, punctual, and efficient."

As a trustworthy manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum's strength shows that we are different. Ingenious workmanship, excellent quality, affordable prices, diversified purchase methods, and considerate after-sales service are the foundation of user trust. Whether you want to inquire about product information or prices, please click on the online consultation on the right to find out.

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