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Aluminum sheet grades


Aluminum sheet grades

There are many ways to classify aluminum sheets. According to the thickness, they can be divided into 1/8 aluminum sheet, 1/4 aluminum sheet, 3/16 aluminum sheet, and so on. According to the alloy classification, which is often referred to as aluminum sheet grades. Strictly speaking, aluminum sheet grades have seven alloy grades, ranging from 1000-8000 alloys, but the 8000 series are generally in the form of aluminum foil. We can divide them into two categories according to whether they can be heat-treated and strengthened as a classification standard. The following is a detailed introduction.

aluminum sheet grades

Non-heat treatment to strengthen aluminum sheet grades

1xxx aluminum sheet grades, no main alloying elements, pure aluminum (99% or more). Excellent corrosion resistance and workability. High thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Low intensity. Usually has corrosion resistance in the chemical and food processing industries. In addition, 1xxx aluminum sheet grades can also be used in applications where parts are difficult to bend or require excellent conductivity. Can not be strengthened by heat treatment.

3xxx aluminum sheet grades, the main alloying element is manganese. The intensity is about 20% higher than the 1xxx series, which can be attributed to medium intensity. In addition, it has good corrosion resistance and workability. In particular, 3003, a general-purpose alloy with a wide range of uses, is used for applications that require medium strength and workability, such as heat exchangers and cookware. Can not be strengthened by heat treatment.

5xxx aluminum sheet grades, the main alloying element is magnesium. The strength is between medium and high strength, and at the same time has good corrosion resistance, even in seawater environment. Due to its high quality, it has a wide range of uses. Common uses include marine, construction, storage tanks and pressure vessels, electronics and beverage cans. Can not be strengthened by heat treatment.

aluminum sheet grades chart

Heat treatable to strengthen aluminum sheet grades

2xxx aluminum sheet grades, many people call it "aircraft aluminum" because it is mainly used in aerospace. The main alloying element of 2xxx series aluminum is copper. This type of alloy requires heat treatment for optimal performance. High strength and toughness can be obtained, also known as duralumin. However, the workability of 2xxx aluminum is not very high, and the corrosion resistance is acceptable. Applications include enclosed aircraft structures and propellers, as well as automotive parts and screw fittings. Very suitable for structures with high strength-to-weight ratio. Can be strengthened by heat treatment.

what are the grades of aluminum

6xxx aluminum sheet grades, the main alloying elements are silicon and magnesium. Features include high formability, machinability and weldability. The strength is lower than 2xxx and 7xxx, and it is also corrosive.

The most versatile heat-treatable aluminum alloy. Used in aircraft, automotive and marine applications. It can also be used as a structural material in construction. Can be strengthened by heat treatment.

7xxx aluminum sheet grades, the main alloying element is manganese. The strength is highest during heat treatment. Good corrosion resistance. Moderate weldability and formability. Used in aircraft structures, mobile and hydraulic equipment, and other high-stress parts. Can be strengthened by heat treatment.

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