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Aluminum sheet metal 4x8


Aluminum sheet metal 4x8

What is aluminum sheet metal 4x8? You can understand it as a type of aluminum sheet, they have the same characteristics, width and length are 4 feet and 8 feet. As an aluminum sheet supplier, we often receive inquiries from customers, please recommend me aluminum sheets of conventional specifications. Aluminum sheet metal 4x8 is very commonly used. So, which alloys can be made into aluminum sheet metal 4x8? In fact, aluminum alloy 1000-7000 series can be used. After all, this type of aluminum sheet does not impose restrictions on aluminum sheet alloys.

Aluminum sheet metal 4x8

Aluminum sheet metal 4x8 alloy

Aluminum sheet metal 4x8 aluminum sheet can be divided into pure aluminum sheet and aluminum alloy sheet. Among them, the pure aluminum sheet refers specifically to the 1 series aluminum sheet, such as 1050.1060.1100.1070 series, and the aluminum alloy sheet covers the 2-8 series.

At present, the aluminum sheet metal 4x8 produced by our company mainly includes 3-series aluminum-manganese alloy (3003.3004), 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy (5052.5754.5083.5A055A06, 5A03, 5A02, etc.) and 6-series aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy (6061.6063.6082). Compared with pure aluminum series, aluminum alloy sheet has higher hardness, anti-rust performance and other special purposes.

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Commonly used aluminum sheet metal 4x8

4'x8' aluminum sheet 5 series 5052.5083.5754 aluminum sheet is an aluminum-magnesium alloy with strong corrosion resistance. The content of 5083 magnesium alloy is over 4.5%, and it has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used as aluminum sheet for shipbuilding. Because this series of magnesium alloy has high content and good corrosion resistance, it is a product that cannot be replaced by pure aluminum series.

The 5052 series are commonly used aluminum sheets for chassis, cabinets, aluminum boxes, tool boxes, and tool cabinets. The magnesium content of this series of aluminum sheets is 2.5%, the hardness is moderate, and the bending performance is good. It is an excellent sheet metal processing material.

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Aluminum sheet metal 4x8 compare

6 series aluminum sheet, commonly used 6061, 6063 aluminum sheet. 6063 oxidation effect is better. The 6 series aluminum sheet can be processed by dipping in fire to increase the hardness, and at the same time, the oxidation effect is better. At present, the most commonly used alloy series in China are the 5 series and the 6 series, which are one of the commonly used aluminum series products.

In fact, many series of aluminum sheet metal 4x8 can be used in general, such as 1060 and 1050, the aluminum content is slightly different, the basic performance is exactly the same, and sometimes it can be used instead. And 6061 and 6063 are almost the same. But if you need 6063 products, use 5052 instead, which is not advisable. Because the hardness and chemical composition are too different, users will not recognize it after the product is produced. Some products can be substituted for each other, but some products are definitely not. If you have any questions about this, you should consult a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer, and don't jump to conclusions by yourself.

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