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Aluminum sheet metal panels

There are many classification methods for aluminum sheet metal panels, which can be divided into alloy series such as 1000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 according to the alloy. According to the thickness classification, the commonly used ones are 1/8 aluminum sheet, 1/4 aluminum sheet, and 3 /16 aluminum sheet and so on. According to the specifications, 4'x8' aluminum sheet is commonly used. Other classification methods include classification by price, classification by application, and so on.

aluminum sheet metal panels

Alloy aluminum sheet metal panels

Unlike ordinary aluminum sheets, aluminum sheet metal panels are made with other materials, such as 7-series alloy aluminum sheets. Because of the addition of zinc, the overall hardness of the material has been further improved. Alloy aluminum sheet is the performance of aluminum sheet material into the specialization, and it has many advantages.

Whether it is used as a decorative material or a component material of machinery and equipment, the alloy aluminum sheet has a good reference value for selection;

Benefit from the unique density of aluminum material, the weight of the alloy aluminum sheet is really light. Whether in the use of materials or maintenance, it will be more convenient;

Alloy aluminum sheet metal panels are used in the production of industrial production equipment. It can be perfectly integrated with other materials and has a perfect embodiment.

aluminum sheet metal wall panels

Factors affecting the price of aluminum sheet metal panels

It is directly related to the fluctuation of aluminum ingot price. In different periods, even if the same manufacturer consults the same product, the price may fluctuate. This is because the quotation per ton of aluminum sheet metal panels will fluctuate with the price of aluminum ingots under the condition that the processing cost remains the same;

The production situation of the manufacturer is different. Each manufacturer has its own equipment cost, labor cost and other factors, which affect the cost control of the product. For example, a large-scale manufacturer and a small company that produce rigorously, even if the product types are similar, there must be a big gap in cost. These factors have affected the cost control of aluminum sheet manufacturers.

how much is a sheet of aluminum

Where to buy aluminum sheet metal panels?

Facing the diversified quotations of aluminum sheet metal panels, how do we choose? Specifically, three principles should be grasped.

One is to choose a manufacturer with quality certification. For example, CCS China Classification Society certification. The second is to choose manufacturers with strong comprehensive production strength. You can check from the ranking of domestic aluminum sheet manufacturers and select a few that meet the product requirements for consultation. The third is to choose large manufacturers with perfect after-sales service. Because the value of large quantities of aluminum sheets is very high, once quality problems occur after delivery, the purchaser will suffer a lot of losses. If there is a complete after-sales protection system, then the loss for purchasing customers can be minimized. The perfect after-sales system is generally the advantage of large manufacturers.

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