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Aluminum sheet metal prices


Aluminum sheet metal prices

Many people are interested in aluminum sheet metal prices, as long as there are purchasers with a purchase plan, they want to know the price quotation. However, a mature buyer will tell the supplier the use or alloy, tempering, specifications and other information of the aluminum sheet metal in addition to the information on the "aluminum sheet metal prices", because this can help the manufacturer recommend the most Cost-effective product. For example, if you tell the manufacturer that you want 5052-O, 2mm thick, 4'X8' aluminum sheet, then we can calculate the price for you at a faster speed, just by relying on the question "what are the aluminum sheet metal prices", yes Can't give a specific answer.

Aluminum sheet metal freight

Aluminum sheet metal prices often change?

1. The price of aluminum ingots: The price of aluminum has two main components, the price of aluminum ingots and the processing cost. For fixed specifications, if the tempering is also the same, then the processing fee, that is, the processing cost, is the same. However, the price of aluminum ingots is not fixed, on the contrary it is very unstable. The price fluctuation of aluminum ingots affects the market to a large extent, so the price of aluminum products will also fluctuate accordingly.

2. Different alloy materials affect aluminum sheet metal prices: If you have ever known aluminum alloy series, then you should know the 1 series. The 3 series have relatively simple process and are easier to manufacture, so the price is relatively low, especially in direct sales processing. plant. The prices of aluminum alloy sheets such as 7000 series and 5A05 are relatively high.

Aluminum sheet metal prices

3. Common specifications of aluminum sheet metal are low in price, and special specifications of aluminum sheet metal are relatively expensive.

4. Brand influence. Brands with high reputation are most likely due to their reliable quality. Therefore, customers who received the products commented on these manufacturers. Due to the excellent quality of the products, the trust of customers, and the high-quality raw materials, relatively speaking, the price of the products is compared. high. Sometimes you compare many aluminum suppliers and find that the quotations of different manufacturers are very different for the same material. This is the reason for this phenomenon.

Aluminum sheet metal stock

Are aluminum sheet metal prices related to freight?

In the above content, we mentioned aluminum sheet metal price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee. In fact, a more accurate expression should be aluminum sheet metal price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight cost.

As aluminum plates and aluminum coils, these large-scale aluminum industrial products, logistics and transportation are an important part of sales. The transportation distance and the quantity of the goods will affect the calculation of the freight. Generally speaking, the sales manager will clearly inform you of the shipping costs. Generally, some larger manufacturers, such as Mingtai Aluminum, are equipped with a more complete logistics system, which can save some overall freight costs.

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