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Aluminum sheet metal roll


Aluminum sheet metal roll

Aluminum sheet metal roll is a common form of aluminum products. It is a broad definition, and there are no restrictions on aluminum sheet types and specifications. Therefore, it can be 1060 aluminum sheet metal roll, 3003 aluminum sheet metal roll, or 5052 aluminum sheet metal roll. Alternatively, it may be an aluminum sheet metal roll with a thickness of 1 mm, an aluminum sheet metal roll with a thickness of 3 mm, or an aluminum sheet metal roll with a thickness of 5 mm.

Aluminum sheet metal roll 3104 aluminum roll

3104 alloy aluminum coil characteristics: elongation, corrosion resistance, processing performance, can be smelted and processed into tempers of different hardness according to different needs. 3104 alloy aluminum coils are widely used in many areas of our lives, such as construction industry, can packaging industry, electronic and electrical industry and so on.

The 3104 aluminum coil we produce has no surface treatment, but after color coating the 3104 aluminum coil, it can be widely used in major buildings. The 3104 aluminum coil after color coating has an excellent decorative effect. It is also anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

Aluminum plate manufacturers-about the characteristics of 3104 aluminum coil.

Aluminum sheet metal roll

Features of aluminum sheet metal roll 3104 aluminum roll

1. Light weight. The density of aluminum is 2.73g/cm3,

2. High strength. High strength can be achieved through some methods. For example, component configuration, processing and heat treatment.

3. Corrosion resistant. It has self-anti-rust ability, the formed oxide layer can prevent the metal from oxidizing and rusting, has good acid and alkali resistance, and has a variety of surface treatments and beautiful appearance. It can be anodized, electroplated, polished, and painted. Good plasticity and easy processing;

4. Good electrical conductivity. Two features: non-magnetization and low electric spark sensitivity. It can not only reduce the flammability in special environments, but also prevent electromagnetic interference.

5. Easy to install. Aluminum metal can be connected by welding, gluing and other methods.

6. Environmental protection, recyclable and recyclable.

Aluminum sheet metal roll 3104

Application of aluminum sheet metal roll 3104 aluminum coil

The application of 3104 alloy aluminum coil in the construction industry is a very cost-effective roofing and exterior wall material, which plays an important role in comfort, light weight, durability, economy, and environmental protection. After coating, 3104 alloy aluminum coil has the advantages of moderate structural strength, weather resistance, stain resistance, easy bending and welding processing, etc., and its service life can exceed 50 years. It is widely used in airport terminals, aircraft maintenance depots, stations and large Roofing and wall systems of buildings such as transportation hubs, public service buildings, large shopping malls, commercial facilities, and residential buildings.

Aluminum sheet metal roll manufacturer

Aluminum sheet metal roll manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

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