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Aluminum sheet metal thickness


Aluminum sheet metal thickness

When we were buying aluminum sheet, we saw that there were various thicknesses of aluminum sheet, and we couldn't help but feel a little worried about how to choose aluminum sheet metal thickness. In fact, for different application scenarios, there are also some requirements for the thickness of the aluminum sheet. You should choose a product suitable for your end use according to your actual situation. Although the thickness of the aluminum sheet will not affect the appearance, if it is suitable for aluminum sheet, Will affect its resistance to deformation and service life.

1/8 aluminum sheet

Common aluminum sheet metal thickness

In theory, the aluminum sheet metal thickness ranges from 0.2mm-6mm. There are also some common thicknesses, such as 1/8 aluminum sheet, 3/16 aluminum sheet, .040 aluminum sheet, 1 16 aluminum sheet, 1/4 aluminum sheet and so on. Available levels include 1100, 3003, 5052, 5086, 5454, and 6061. Popular applications for aluminum sheet include fuel tanks, construction, industry, ship hulls, and auto parts. The thickness of the aluminum sheet corresponding to them is also different.

standard aluminum sheet metal thickness

Aluminum sheet metal thickness is related to price

The relationship between aluminum sheet thickness and price: aluminum sheet thickness range and price are a direct link, the price of ordinary thickness aluminum sheet is the most reasonable, that is, the price of aluminum sheet with thickness between 1.0-8.0mm is the most suitable. Because the thinner sheet has more machining passes, the price is relatively higher. However, the ingots above 8mm must be produced by hot rolling after ingot processing, and certain losses will occur during the ingot casting process. At the same time, the price of hot rolling mill equipment is relatively high, so the price of ultra-thick aluminum sheet that belongs to the production range of hot rolling mill is relatively high.

aluminum sheet metal thickness tolerance

Aluminum sheet metal thickness is related to flatness

The flatness of aluminum sheets with a thickness of less than 1 mm needs to be paid attention to. Nowadays, many small aluminum processing companies have incomplete production and processing equipment, such as not having stretch-bending straightening equipment. In this case, for products below 1 mm, the flatness cannot be accurately controlled, and the flatness cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, if you want to purchase thin sheets, it is best to choose a large aluminum processing company like Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. or this kind of large aluminum processing enterprise, equipped with professional production and processing equipment to ensure the flatness of thin aluminum sheets.

The thickness of aluminum sheet metal is not necessarily related to the rolling process

The thickness is not necessarily related to the rolling process. It is worth mentioning that not all thin aluminum sheets are cold-rolled, because hot-rolled aluminum coils can also be further processed by cold-rolling equipment to become hot-rolled aluminum sheets. But one thing is certain is that aluminum sheet metal thickness above 8 mm is a hot-rolled aluminum sheet. Because the cold-rolling equipment cannot produce products above this thickness.

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