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Aluminum sheet near me


Aluminum sheet near me

Aluminum sheet near me is a non-ferrous metal sheet with aluminum as the main material. As the most used material in the non-ferrous metal industry, aluminum is not only used for aluminum profiles, but aluminum sheet production is also developing rapidly. Aluminum sheet is a product delivered in a rectangular or square shape. The main specifications are measured as thickness, width and length. Usually, the measurement unit in the industry is millimeters by default. The shape of the aluminum sheet, because it is pressed by a rolling mill weighing several thousand tons, the internal structure will be better, and there will be no pores and looseness.

Aluminum sheet near me

Alloy aluminum sheet near me

Aluminum sheets can be divided into various types according to different alloy content. Since pure aluminum sheets do not contain or rarely contain alloys in the material, we can think that all except for pure aluminum sheets are Alloy aluminum sheet near me.

During the melting of aluminum ingots, we add different proportions of other elements besides aluminum, so that the aluminum sheet has various hardness and other processing properties. We call this kind of aluminum sheet alloy aluminum sheet. The classification of alloy aluminum sheet needs to be named according to the content of other alloys other than aluminum, such as aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and aluminum-silicon alloy. As people have higher and higher requirements for product performance, the amount of aluminum alloy sheets is also increasing. An excellent aluminum alloy sheet must meet the alloy content ratio to meet the standard. If the alloy content is insufficient or exceeds the standard, we can consider this aluminum alloy sheet as a substandard product.

1/8 aluminum sheet near me

Aluminum sheet near me grades

1000 series, pure aluminum sheet, such as 1100. The main component of 1000 aluminum sheet is aluminum. Achieve more than 99%.

The 2000 series are aluminum sheets with copper as the main alloying element. The content of copper can reach 2%-5% or higher depending on the specific application.

The 3000 series is an aluminum alloy sheet with manganese as the main alloying element. The manganese content is between 2-5%.

The 4000 series are aluminum alloy plates with silicon as the alloying element, which are not widely used at present.

5000 series, representative alloy 5052, 5083, of which 5052 is a general-purpose aluminum sheet, there are many applications.

6000 series, a combination of 4000 and 5000 aluminum alloys, the main alloying elements include silicon and magnesium.

The 7000 series is an aluminum sheet with 7075 as the main representative alloy. Mainly reflected in the hardness.

custom cut aluminum sheet near me

Buy aluminum sheet near me

buy aluminum sheet near me we will be more concerned about the price of aluminum sheet. At this time, it is necessary to understand the factors related to price.

First, the price of aluminum ingots. The price of aluminum ingots directly affects the price of aluminum flakes. The Yangtze River spot aluminum ingot prices change every day, and there is no fixed market trend for aluminum ingot prices.

Second, alloy. The price of aluminum flakes of each alloy series is different, and the prices of different alloys of the same series are different. For example, the price of aluminum flakes of the 1 series and the 5 series will directly differ by several thousand yuan/ton.

Third, there are many specifications and thicknesses, such as 1/8 aluminum sheet, and other thicknesses. The price of ultra-wide aluminum sheet is higher. If your end use does not require the width, it is recommended to choose the regular width.

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