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Aluminum sheet plate alloy

The 1000 series aluminum sheet plate mainly include: 1050/1060/1070/1100, etc. High purity is one of its advantages. In addition, its price is relatively cheap, which is due to the single production process of pure aluminum. The 1000 series are currently commonly used in industry. 1050 and 1070 alloys are mostly circulated in the market.

3000 series aluminum sheet plat main alloy grades are 3003, 3004, 3005, 3104 and 3105; 5000 series are: 5083, 5182 and 5052. Other alloy series include 6000 series and 7000 series. There are many aluminum alloy specifications and grades, and users can customize according to project requirements when purchasing.

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Aluminum sheet plate for construction

What are the advantages of aluminum sheet plate for building construction? First of all, the aluminum sheet not only has the function of being beautiful and durable, but also has the performance of rust and corrosion resistance. Compared with iron, the advantages are more obvious. The aluminum sheet plate has a long service life and can adapt to the outdoor environment. It is not easy to corrode, and the surface is beautiful. Therefore, many electric power and chemical companies now use aluminum sheet plates as heat preservation materials.

Aluminum sheet plate has fire resistance function

The fire and heat insulation function of aluminum sheet is also very good. The aluminum sheet will not melt even when exposed to high temperatures, but will form a hole-like char that produces less smoke, is strong, and is resistant to ignition, and is resistant to flame extension. Even when the aluminum sheet is exposed to fire or high temperature, because of its outstanding thermal insulation function, its surface heats up rapidly and quickly produces chars, which also plays a role in resisting flame extension. At the same time, the inner core is protected, showing an outstanding fire-proof function.

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Insulation function of aluminum sheet plate

Aluminum sheet plate has the function of double heat preservation. After testing the two-layer insulation test of the aluminum sheet. A piece of aluminum foil is attached to the top of the polyurethane foam. After foaming, the aluminum foil acts as a release agent. The other side is concerned with foaming, which enhances the wind pressure resistance of the aluminum sheet, which is enough to clarify the two-layer insulation of the aluminum sheet.

Features of aluminum sheet plate

Low cost and low density. In the case of the same area, the weight is smaller. Recyclable and high recovery rate. At the same time, the service life of aluminum sheet plate is 3-5 times that of tinplate. Increased service life means that users can save a lot of labor and material costs.

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Buy aluminum sheet plate

As an aluminum sheet plate manufacturer, we have stocks of conventional specifications, such as 4'x8' aluminum sheet. Shorten the production cycle, so that customers can put the aluminum sheet into use faster. In addition to conventional specifications, we can also produce according to user requirements to reduce waste. Even companies with large demand such as curtain walls and signs can meet their production needs and reduce production costs for users. Our advantages: good surface quality and high flatness. Spot inventory, spot sales, short delivery time, fast delivery, free samples.

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