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Aluminum sheet prices


Aluminum sheet prices are changing

There are many classification methods for aluminum sheets, which are divided into different categories according to different methods. These aluminum sheets are used in different projects. If you are looking for aluminum sheet for your next project, besides aluminum sheet alloy, the most concerned issue is aluminum sheet prices. However, there are really many kinds of aluminum sheet prices, and they are easy to change. Before getting specific aluminum sheet prices, we need to understand the factors that cause changes in aluminum sheet prices. Also know the calculation method of aluminum sheet prices.

Aluminum sheet prices

Calculate aluminum sheet prices

When making an inquiry, we are often asked about the thickness, width and length of the aluminum sheet required. This is because the volume of the aluminum sheet needs to be calculated, so we need to know the thickness, width, and length of the aluminum sheet in detail. Then calculate again.

Calculate the total weight of the aluminum sheet. Total weight of aluminum sheet = thickness × width × length × aluminum density (2.7) × number of aluminum sheets (measurement unit: ton)

Calculate the exact price per ton of aluminum flakes for a specific alloy grade: aluminum ingot price on the day + product processing fee given by the inquiring manufacturer

The total weight of the aluminum sheet multiplied by the price per ton of aluminum sheet is the final accurate cost.

aluminum sheet prices 4x8

100 sheets of 4 x 8 aluminum sheet prices

Let's take 100 5mm thick 4 x 8 aluminum sheets as an example.

First calculate the weight of the 4 x 8 aluminum sheet:

0.005×1.2×2.4×2.71×200=7.8 tons.

If the price of aluminum ingots is 19,000 yuan/ton on that day, and the processing fee of aluminum sheet manufacturers is 5000 yuan/ton, then the aluminum sheet manufacturers quote (19000+5000)×7.8=187200 yuan, which is approximately equal to 28,972 US dollars.

marine aluminum sheet prices

Aluminum sheet prices calculation example

The price of aluminum flakes consists of the price of aluminum ingots and processing fees, that is, unit price of aluminum flakes = price of aluminum ingots + processing fees.

The price of aluminum ingots can be searched online. Here we take the quotation of Changjiang Nonferrous Metals as an example.

For example: today's aluminum price is: 2912.72 US dollars / ton.

The processing fee of aluminum sheet varies according to the thickness, length, width and different grades. Take 3003 aluminum sheet as an example for discussion. The production range is 1-100mm in thickness, 100-2600mm in width and 500-16000mm in length.

Conventional specifications are generally: 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm and 1500*3000mm. Assuming that the processing fee is around 4,000 yuan/ton, the price of conventional 3003 aluminum sheets today should be around 3,631.79 USD/ton, depending on the actual order.

Do you think this calculation process is a bit troublesome? In fact, you can first determine the aluminum sheet manufacturer you want to choose, and then directly inquire. Recommend Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturers for you, whether it is a price or product problem, we can answer you.

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