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Aluminum sheet prices 4x8


Aluminum sheet prices 4x8

Do you all know? When using 4x8 aluminum sheet, if you want to be able to fully meet the application requirements and show good results in all aspects of the application, you need to ensure the quality of the aluminum sheet. Therefore, for many users across the country, it is necessary to choose materials with good quality that meet the following requirements when purchasing the material. Of course, we also know that aluminum sheet prices 4x8 is an issue that everyone cares about.

aluminum sheet prices 4x8

Aluminum sheet prices 4x8 for different alloys

4x8 aluminum sheet has 7 alloy series. Just the difference in alloys can also lead to huge differences in prices. The specific price of each series is different. For example, 1060 belongs to the 1000 series, 2014 belongs to the 2000 series, 3104 belongs to the 3000 series, 5083 belongs to the 5000 series, and so on. Although there are 8 commonly used series of aluminum alloys, 8-series aluminum alloys usually exist in the form of aluminum foil.

aluminum sheet 4x8 lowes

Aluminum sheet prices 4x8 for different applications

Aluminum sheet prices 4x8 in different application fields are also different.

For example, several representative industries of the 1000 series 4x8 aluminum sheet:

1) Signs and billboards. The aluminum sheet is light in weight, easy to process, corrosion-resistant and does not rust. It is currently the main and important material for making billboards, signs and road signs.

2) Interior decoration. Many high-end indoor and outdoor architectural decorations are made of aluminum, the most commonly used is the 1 series aluminum sheet. Cheap and easy to use

3) Thermal insulation project. 1000 series aluminum coil is a commonly used thermal insulation material, 0.5mm and 0.6mm are commonly used thicknesses, and are usually used for thermal insulation projects under non-corrosive conditions.

4) Solar reflective sheet. The 1 series pure aluminum sheet is the most important material for the production of the reflective sheet under the collector tube of solar water heaters.

buy aluminum sheet 4x8 lowes

Aluminum sheet prices 4x8 with different tempers

Briefly introduce the tempers of several commonly used 4x8 aluminum sheets

F: Free processing without restriction. If your project has no requirements for aluminum sheet forming, work hardening and heat treatment conditions, then you can request F temper. This temper has no restriction on the mechanical properties of the product.

O: Completely annealed, the strength is the lowest.

H: Work hardening. Through work hardening, the strength of the product is improved. The accessory heat treatment is executed or not executed according to different requirements.

T: Heat treatment. This temper is to stabilize the product through work hardening. The common temper of 6000 series, especially 6061, is T. Followed by Arabic numerals, one or more digits. The first number means the type of heat treatment, and the other numbers indicate the details of the heat treatment.

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