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Aluminum tread plate 4x8


Introduction of aluminum tread plate 4x8

The aluminum tread plate 4x8 used refers to the aluminum tread plate with a size of 4x8. It can be divided into 5 bar aluminum tread plate and diamond aluminum tread plate. Five tendons aluminum tread plate, also known as willow-shaped aluminum tread plate, mainly plays a role of anti-slip. 5 bar aluminum tread plate and diamond aluminum tread plate are mainly used for anti-skid on the ground or working platform. At present, it is widely used in pedals, and at the same time, it is widely used in anti-skid aspects such as carriages and ship warehouse bottoms.

Aluminum tread plate 4x8

5052 aluminum tread plate 4x8

5052 aluminum tread plate 4x8 is a representative product of non-slip aluminum tread plate 4x8. The advantage of this series of products is higher hardness. As a representative alloy of the 5000 series, it has higher tensile strength. The hardness has obvious advantages in similar aluminum-magnesium alloy products. Corrosion resistance and anti-rust effect are also excellent. This series of products, magnesium alloy, magnesium content can reach more than 2.5%, has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, can be well adapted to high strength, high corrosion resistance occasions, for ships, vehicles, and working platforms. It has better application effect and has great advantages over 1060 aluminum tread plate.

4x8 sheet aluminum tread plate

6061 aluminum tread plate 4x8

It belongs to the aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy aluminum tread plate series. Compared with 5052, 5083 and 5754 aluminum tread plates, the hardness of 6061 is higher. At the same time, due to the addition of silicon alloy, the wear resistance of this series of aluminum plates is better than the above-mentioned 5000 series aluminum treads. plate. The 6061 non-slip aluminum sheet produced by our company has good processing performance and excellent hardness, and is widely used in work platforms, ships, vehicles, buildings, etc., especially in load-bearing. The main patterns of this series of aluminum plates are five bar and diamond styles, which are important for beauty, rust prevention, and non-slip effects. Our company's products comply with industry standards, which can well meet the needs of all walks of life for the performance of non-slip aluminum plates. In addition, 3003 aluminum tread plate, 1060 aluminum tread plate, 5083 aluminum tread plate and so on are commonly used.

where to buy aluminum tread plate

Aluminum tread plate 4x8 price

Many users will raise the question: Why is the price of aluminum tread plate 4x8 so different? Today we will popularize what price is related to, hoping to help users.

The price is related to the material, and the price of aluminium checker plate of different materials is different. The lowest price is the product made of 1060 aluminum plate. Not only the exterior is bright and the price is the lowest, it is the most sold product on the market, but there is a certain gap between the hardness and the anti-rust performance of the alloy aluminum plate.

The price is related to the width: the regular width is between 1000-1250mm, and the price will change if it is larger or smaller than this width. Our company can produce 5 bar aluminium checker plate with a width of 2600mm at the widest, but the price is also higher than that of ordinary width aluminum plate. Therefore, the width affects the price, if you need to reduce the cost, it is recommended to use the regular width.

The price is related to the pattern style: different aluminium checker plates have different prices, the cheapest is 5 bar aluminium checker plate, and the higher price is diamond plate aluminum.

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