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Buy Embossed Aluminum Coil, Did You Choose the Right One


The aim of the Buy embossed aluminum coil is to prevent slipping, and of course it should be rustproof. In general, the selection of alloy grades should be 1/3/5 series, which contain the alloy element Mn,Mg, so the anti-rust performance increases in turn! Well, for their different antirust and antiskid degree, how do we choose and apply them?

Buy Embossed Aluminum Coil, Did You Choose the Right One?

In fact, the embossed aluminum coil is the aluminum checker plate in a roll shape. At present, the market has a variety of embossed aluminum coils, such as diamond tread coil, non-slip tread aluminum coil, 1060/3003/3105/5083 aluminum checker coils... Therefore, before we buy embossed aluminum coil, it is very necessary to clearly understand the specific grades and corresponding characteristics of it, so as to select a model that can fully meet our purpose of use! Then read on and let's know it clearly.

Buy Embossed Aluminum Coil with Right Grades

1 series pure embossed aluminum coil. Representative grades are 1050/1060/1100. These aluminum checker coils with basic anti-rust, can be largely applied in cold storage, garage wall or floor laying, the cost is low.

3 series Al-Mn embossed aluminum coil. Buy embossed aluminum coil often chooses grades 3003/3104/3105... They are slightly stronger and more resistant to corrosion. They are cost-effective, and are ideal material for the inner walls of cars, restaurants/schools/gyms’ wainscot, and aluminum furniture.

5/6 series Al-Mg embossed aluminum coil. Representative grades are 5083/5052/5754/5454/6061...Among them, the 6061 embossed aluminum coil added Si on the basis of Al-Mg alloy, and its strength was slightly enhanced compared with that of the 5 series. Therefore, the Buy embossed aluminum coil selected these grades for very wet or very demanding strength conditions. For example, ship bottom, aerial work ladder, etc. 

Buy Embossed Aluminum Coil with Preferential Price

See here, I guess you've mastered how to buy embossed aluminum coil with right grades! Next, the reliable embossed aluminum coil price is also our most concern. Here, you may refer to Mingtai embossed aluminum coil price. Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co., Ltd is one of the top 10 aluminum processing enterprises in China. Mingtai Al. has three major production bases, covering an area of 1.3 million square meters, and its geographical advantages in proximity to bauxite producing areas, as well as the advantages of self-built power plants, make Mingtai embossed aluminum coil price 30% lower than competitors! So, buy embossed aluminum coil came to consult Mingtai Al.! Here provides the most suitable purchase plan and the most satisfactory quotation to you! Don't hesitate to send an email, or click on the online customer service to contact us! Come on!

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1060 aluminum foilThickenss: 0.014-0.2mm
Model: 1060
Industry Application
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring Application: Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Model: 1060/3003/5754/6061
Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Checker Plate Application: Wainscot/Floor/Stairs
Model: Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Sheets for Sign Making
Aluminum Sheets for Sign Making Application: Aluminum Sign Blanks
Model: 1060 Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Cans Alloy
Aluminum Cans Alloy Application: Aluminum Cans
Model: 3104
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