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Cheap aluminum sheet


Cheap aluminum sheet

What kind of aluminum sheet does cheap aluminum sheet have? Is 1/8 aluminum sheet cheap? Is 5052 aluminum sheet cheap? Is marine aluminum sheet cheap? From the customer's point of view, the psychology of wanting to buy cheap aluminum sheet is completely understandable. But, which aluminum sheet is cheap aluminum sheet? In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of aluminum sheet, and if you compare their prices, you need to compare other factors that are the same before you can compare which is a cheap aluminum sheet.

cheap aluminum sheet

Cheap aluminum sheet thickness

Theoretically speaking, cheap aluminum sheet has nothing to do with the thickness of aluminum sheet, because we usually quote quotations in tons. When is the thickness of the aluminum sheet related to the price? Sometimes customers ask for a quotation in square meters as the unit of measurement. Then we have to convert the price per metric ton into the price per square meter, and eliminate the calculation method, which is related to the thickness. The price per square meter of aluminum sheet is based on the price per metric ton. If you also want to know the price per square meter, we can set a price range for your reference.

cheap aluminum sheet metal

Cheap aluminum sheet metal

If you want a more specific aluminum sheet price, you need to provide detailed information about the aluminum sheet. Such as alloys, tempering, surface treatment methods, etc. There are many types of aluminum sheet metal, and the most obvious difference between them is the alloy. Generally speaking, 1xxx aluminum sheet is cheap aluminum sheet metal, 2xxx series and 7xxx are relatively expensive because of their higher hardness, especially the 7xxx alloy series. The prices of 3xxx, 5xxx, and 6xxx increase in order. Different alloys have different alloying elements and different production processes. For example, 3003, 3004, 5052, and 5083 usually belong to HO tempering and belong to the cold rolling process, while 6061 and 7075 usually belong to T tempering and generally are hot rolled production. Then, the result of these different places is that the price difference between 3003 H14 and 7075 T6 aluminum sheet is very large. Some customers also need to perform color coating, polishing, mirror treatment or anodizing treatment on the aluminum sheet because it is convenient for the use of later products. At this time, additional surface treatment processes are required, and the additional cost is generated in this way.

4x8 aluminum sheet cheap

Where to buy cheap aluminum sheet?

Where to buy cheap aluminum sheet? Presumably this is a question you are more concerned about. If you are still looking for a cheap aluminum sheet for your next project, you might as well search for Mingtai Aluminum. If you really want the specific price of aluminum sheet, please send us the detailed information of aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum offers a variety of alloy aluminum sheets. Regular specifications often have stocks, and they can also be customized on demand! Contact us now for more information!

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