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Custom aluminum plate


Custom aluminum plate for sale

Aluminum sheets and aluminum plates are the most widely used forms of aluminum products, which can be used in various applications, including but not limited to automobiles, construction, furniture, home appliances, etc. We provide custom aluminum plate. Thickness, width and length are all customizable. The thickness is 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16. The specifications can be commonly used 4'x8', or 12 12 inches, which are all within our capability. You only need to determine the data, and we will arrange the follow-up quotation and production for you.

custom aluminum plate

Custom aluminum plate alloy

What alloy should be used when choosing Custom aluminum plate?

When it comes to aluminum, there are usually two simple questions that need to be clarified before choosing the alloy that suits your application. What attributes are required for the end use? Where is it used?

The 1100 commercial pure aluminum (minimum aluminum content of 99.00%) has excellent corrosion resistance, workability and solderability, and high electrical conductivity. Used for deep drawing, sheet metal processing, decoration and construction applications.

3003 This alloying element contains 1-2% manganese and has excellent workability, weldability and corrosion resistance. When your next project requires a strength level slightly higher than 1100, 3003 is usually appropriate. It is also used for stretching and sheet metal work.

5052 alloy is alloyed with 2.5% magnesium, corrosion resistance, workability, weldability and strength, these data have increased by one level. It can be used in aerospace applications, home appliances, marine grade, electronic products, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

6061 uses silicon as the main alloy element to achieve the content of magnesium. It is a heat-treatable alloy and the softest alloy among heat-treatable aluminum alloys. It retains the excellent aluminum properties of the above alloys and is usually used in construction, marine and general applications.

Custom aluminum plate for sale

Custom aluminum plate aluminium checker plate

Are you looking for custom cut diamond plate aluminum for your next project?

Here you can get the aluminum checker plate you need, whether you need it-you need the size of 4'x10' or 4'x8', all are custom aluminum plates. This is a real aluminum checker plate, you don't have to worry about the quality. Commonly used alloys are 3003, 4017, 5052, and 6061. The aluminum checker plate we provide is easy to cut, drill, shape, etc. This kind of aluminum checker plate has other names around the world, and is also called aluminum tread plate, aluminum diamond plate and aluminum floor plate.

Custom aluminum license plate

Custom aluminum license plate

Aluminum license plate has long become a kind of development prospect. With the development trend, there are more and more roads in most directions and full interchanges. In addition, there are more and more vehicles of various kinds, and the level of traffic travel is increasing. After that, it has long been a consensus among people to improve road traffic and ensure road traffic safety. Custom aluminum license plate can be used for transportation, and can also be used for other places in life where a license plate is needed. Generally, more conventional 1060 aluminum plates, 3003 aluminum plates, and 3004 aluminum plates are used, and different changes are made according to the different processes of the aluminum plates. However, these three kinds of alloys are more common in aluminum license plate. Custom aluminum license plate is durable, lightweight and malleable. We expertly manufacture custom aluminum plates in accordance with your design specifications in our equipment and workshops.

Products Recommended
3003 aluminum sheet
3003 aluminum sheetThickenss: 0.1-500mm
Model: 3003
5052 aluminum checker plate
5052 aluminum checker plateThickenss: 1.0-8.0mm
Model: 5052
1060 aluminum foil
1060 aluminum foilThickenss: 0.014-0.2mm
Model: 1060
Industry Application
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring Application: Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Model: 1060/3003/5754/6061
Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Checker Plate Application: Wainscot/Floor/Stairs
Model: Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Sheets for Sign Making
Aluminum Sheets for Sign Making Application: Aluminum Sign Blanks
Model: 1060 Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Cans Alloy
Aluminum Cans Alloy Application: Aluminum Cans
Model: 3104
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