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Custom aluminum sheet


Application introduction of 3000 series custom aluminum sheet

There are many types of custom aluminum sheet. According to the thickness classification, there is our common 1/8 aluminum sheet. If it is classified according to alloy, there are many types. Here we will focus on the 3000 series custom aluminum sheet. This is a kind of aluminum alloy material with high cost performance.

3000 series aluminum alloy is also called aluminum-manganese alloy. The content of manganese is 1-1.5%. It is one of the anti-rust aluminum alloy series. The strength of the 3 series custom aluminum sheet is higher than that of pure aluminum alloy, although it cannot be heat-treated to improve performance. , But the plasticity can be improved by other treatments, after the cold rolling mill rolling and annealing process. Because of its good corrosion resistance and welding performance, it can be used in many industries, such as construction industry (decoration), electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.

custom aluminum sheet

3000 series custom aluminum sheet alloys

The main alloys commonly used in 3 series aluminum alloys are 3003 aluminum sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet, 3104 aluminum sheet, 3005 aluminum sheet, 3105 aluminum sheet and so on. Among them, the largest amount and the most widely used is the 3003 aluminum alloy. The 3003 aluminum sheet is easy to process, has good rust resistance and good color coating performance. Painted with colored paint on the surface of 3003 aluminum can be made into various decorative aluminum sheets, including curtain wall panels, indoor aluminum ceilings, ceiling gussets, etc. It can also be bent by a tile press to make roof color aluminum tiles, which are lighter in weight and durable, and have better life than steel.

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Custom aluminum sheet 3003 VS 5052

The price of 3003 aluminum sheet is cheaper than that of 5052 aluminum sheet, and the welding performance is also very good. Some truck fuel tank material manufacturers also use 3003H24 aluminum sheets instead of 5052 to make partitions in the fuel tank that do not need to be pressurized. After the replacement, the cost is reduced without affecting the use. Although 3004 alloy is similar to 3003 alloy, the strength of 3004 alloy is higher than that of 3003, and the forming performance is better. It can be used as the body of all-aluminum cans and chemical equipment for producing and storing liquids.

custom size aluminum sheet

Custom aluminum sheet 3104

3104 alloy and 3004 alloy have similar compositions, and have the common characteristics of higher strength and ease of processing. In the TV manufacturing industry, 3104-O panels are often used to make TV LCD backplanes, punch convex hulls, and add electronic components. After forming and oxidizing, a dense oxide film can be formed, which is not only resistant to corrosion and oxidation, but also has good insulation. It reduces the total weight of the finished product and ensures good heat dissipation performance.

3005 alloy is an aluminum alloy suitable for color coating, which is mostly used in more high-end applications that require color coating. In the building materials industry, roof partitions, prefabricated houses, etc.; also can make air conditioners, refrigerators and other heat sinks, internal parts, etc. In addition, other applications of 3105 aluminum alloy include making bottle caps, caps and other stamped parts.

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