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Custom cut aluminum plate


Custom cut aluminum plate properties

Custom cut aluminum plate has many characteristics, including industrial characteristics, corrosion resistance, appearance characteristics, etc. Both aluminum plate and aluminium checker plate have certain characteristics. The following is a detailed introduction.

Custom cut aluminum plate industrial characteristics

Industrial characteristics are generally common characteristics of 1000 series custom cut aluminum plates


The conductivity of aluminum is second only to silver and copper, and aluminum is much lighter than copper. Therefore, the current conducted by aluminum with the same weight is twice that of copper. The high-voltage transmission lines in the field are mostly made of aluminum sheets.

High thermal conductivity

Aluminum sheet has a high thermal conductivity, which is 5 times that of steel. It can quickly transfer heat. At the same time, because of its light weight, it is widely used in automobile heat exchangers, air conditioning radiators, cookers, etc.

custom cut aluminum plate

Corrosion resistance of custom cut aluminum plate

Corrosion resistance

In most environments, such as air, sea water, and petrochemicals, aluminum sheets have excellent corrosion resistance. Because the surface of the aluminum sheet will form a dense oxide protective film, preventing the internal aluminum alloy from being corroded. Therefore, it is often used to manufacture automobiles, ships, medical equipment, oil and gas pipelines, etc. that transport chemical substances.

Insulation performance

It can effectively block the intrusion of air, water vapor and light, and greatly extend the shelf life of food or medicine. Therefore, aluminum foil sheets are used as insulation materials in many food and medical packaging, such as aluminum composite food bags, aluminum pharmaceutical foils and so on.

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Custom cut aluminum plate appearance characteristics

The surface of the custom cut aluminum plate is very bright

The surface brightness of aluminum alloy is very good, and the reflectivity of aluminum sheet to light is also very good. The purer the aluminum, the stronger the reflection ability, so it is often used to make high-quality mirrors. Such as mirrors on large telescopes.

The surface of the aluminum sheet can be sprayed or anodized

Custom cut aluminum plate can be sprayed or anodized. It can not only improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum sheet, but also add a beautiful appearance. Different patterns and colors can be formed according to needs to make very beautiful appearance parts.

custom cut aluminum plate is different

Aluminum plate has good formability

The formability of aluminum sheet is very good, and containers and devices of various shapes, such as cans and extruded devices, can be formed through different processing processes.

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Custom cut aluminum plate has good connectivity

Aluminum sheet has weldability, especially in 5000 series alloys. Most aluminum alloys can be joined by welding, and can also be joined with other metals or ceramics. They are widely used in the manufacture of large aircraft, ships, automobiles and machinery.

Impact resistance

Because of this feature, some aluminum sheets are widely used in the manufacture of tankers for transporting flammable and dangerous goods. These tank cars will not produce sparks when impacted, and will not burn and explode. They are a very safe material. In addition, aluminum alloy can well absorb the energy during collision, thereby providing safety protection for the passengers in the car.

Good low temperature performance

Steel will fail at low temperatures, however, the lower the temperature, the stronger the aluminum alloy. According to this feature, some aluminum sheets can be used to make containers that need to be used at extremely low temperatures. For example, storage tanks for liquefied natural gas, liquid fuel storage tanks for spacecraft, etc.

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