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Custom cut aluminum sheet


Custom cut aluminum sheet used in the automotive industry

While the automobile industry is booming, it is also a competition for materials. Due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, the development of lightweight is very important. The use of aluminum alloy in automobiles is the beginning of the development of lightweight materials, and it is indeed reducing the weight of automobiles. So what are the applications of custom cut aluminum sheet in the automotive industry?

custom cut aluminum sheet

Features of custom cut aluminum sheet

Aluminum is a silver-white metal with a relative density of 2.7 and a melting point of 657°C, while iron has a relative density of 7.8 and a melting point of 1535°C. In addition to magnesium and fetters, aluminum is the lightest among practical metals. The purity of 1000 series aluminum can be up to 99.99%. Usually 98.0%-99.7%. In the pure metal state, aluminum is soft but not strong, so it is not suitable as a structural material alone. But after adding other metals to make the alloy, it is easy to process at room temperature or high temperature, and quite good mechanical properties can be obtained. This alloy is called a light alloy.

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Custom cut aluminum sheet for body parts

The requirements for automotive aluminum sheets are still relatively high, which does not mean that they can be used in automobile manufacturing. The use of aluminum in automobiles is limited to body parts that have no significant impact on strength. The door, engine cover, and luggage compartment cover are just a few.

Custom cut aluminum sheet for external parts

Others can also be applied to external parts, the surface of which needs bright metal parts. For example, it is used for decorative strips, front covers of water tanks, side bumpers, etc. When aluminum is used, it loses its luster to prevent oxidation and corrosion. After the aluminum product is completed, it is anodized to form a 0.033mm thick aluminum oxide film on the surface to achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance. At the same time, the surface can also be repainted.

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Custom cut aluminum sheet 5052

Plate-shaped custom cut aluminum sheet 5052 or casting can be welded. However, the anodic oxide compound at the weld must be removed first, and special aluminum flux must be used for welding. Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum sheet processing technology is becoming more mature, with a large production scale and guaranteed product quality, so it can be used with confidence. Mingtai Aluminum's products have complete specifications and reasonable prices. Whether you want to know about aluminum sheets for automobiles, aluminum sheets for other purposes, or aluminium checker plates, you can consult us. If you want to get a free quotation quickly, you can click on the online consultation on the right. Our price has a relatively great advantage, and we can provide free samples for customers to test. For a long time, what we want to do is nothing more than to provide high-quality aluminum products, to make you feel cordial service, and to make you satisfied with the price.

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