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Decorative aluminum sheet panels

Decorative aluminum sheet panels, a functional aluminum sheet with various values, can also be used for decorative purposes. Simply by changing the color of the bare metal aluminum sheet, it is relatively easy to apply in various projects. Enable it to improve the appearance of the finished product and make it more attractive to your customers. It can also bring a competitive advantage to your business. Most customers have certain size requirements for the decorative aluminum sheet panels they need. If you do not have such size requirements for the time being, you can choose the conventional size 4'x8' aluminum sheet.

Decorative aluminum sheet panels

Application of decorative aluminum sheet panels

Decorative aluminum sheet panels are a kind of material with excellent performance. The coating can better protect the aluminum sheet and prolong its service life. It is a green, environmentally friendly and beautiful decorative material with environmental protection and fireproof characteristics. Decorative aluminum sheet is widely used in curtain boards, honey comb boards, blinds, roofs and most decorative areas.

One part of the decorative aluminum sheet panels is used for body and car exterior decoration, and the other part is aluminum diamond tread sheet.

decorative aluminum sheet roll

Decorative aluminum sheet panels for trailer

With the help of high-quality paint processing, the pre-coated topcoat provides extremely high durability both outdoors and indoors. The decorative aluminum sheet panels for trailer are uniquely designed to provide a hard, wear-resistant coating, and are flexible for a wide range of molding and processing. Usually the spray paint board is made of 3105-H14 aluminum. 3105 aluminum is basically a pure aluminum alloy with an aluminum content of 98%, and a small amount of strength is added. Although it cannot be hardened by heat treatment, it has excellent corrosion resistance, formability and welding characteristics.

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Decorative aluminum sheet panels diamond plate

Decorative aluminum sheet panels diamond plate, we have non-slip aluminum checker plate (such as diamond plate), 3 bar aluminium checker plate and 5 bar aluminium checker plate. The cheapest types are 1060 and 3003 aluminum alloys. When we buy decorative aluminum sheet panels diamond plate, we must first figure out its material, because different materials have different performance and price differences. As far as possible, choose different materials of aluminum according to your own needs.

Decorative aluminum sheet panels purchase precautions

What are the qualified decorative aluminum sheet panels? The surface must not have obvious indentation, missing coating, or penetrating damage to the coating, and ripples, scratches, and blisters are not allowed. These are all easy to see. The most important thing is that you should carefully look at the color difference on the surface of the aluminum sheet. If you are not careful, it will not be easy to see, but it will affect the final decorative effect during application. So this is very important. If you still have questions, you can send them to us.

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