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Introduction of diamond plate aluminum 4x8

Diamond plate aluminum 4x8 is widely used, 2 bar, 3 bar, and 5 bar patterns are common varieties. Diamond pattern and 5 bar pattern are the most commonly used. Diamond plate does have many application fields, to list a few common ones, such as construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment, etc. With the development of society, aluminum plates have become very common in our lives, and the application of diamond plates has brought unexpected convenience to our lives. In addition to the above-mentioned pattern types, there are also orange peel embossed aluminum tread plate, spherical pattern and so on.

Diamond plate aluminum 4x8

Diamond plate aluminum 4x8 5052

Specifications and quality are the fundamental factors affecting aluminum checker plate, and the price is ultimately reflected in the alloy specifications and quality. The diamond plate aluminum 4x8 5052 market is becoming saturated. Under competition, the price of al 5052 aluminum sheet is lower than 6061 aluminum sheet and 6063 aluminum sheet. 6061 aluminum alloy plate is a hot-selling product on the market, with strict process requirements, different characteristics, and of course the price is more expensive. There are many 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturers and the market is relatively saturated, so the price of 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively cheap.

4' x 8' Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheet

Diamond plate aluminum 4x8 3003

In addition to the 5 series diamond plate, there is also a diamond plate that is also worth introducing. This is a 3 series aluminum alloy aluminum checker plate. Among them, the most commonly used is 3003 aluminum checker plate, which has anti-rust function. Same as the 5 series diamond plate, due to the addition of alloy elements, the anti-rust performance is stronger than that of the 1000 series pure aluminum plate. 3003 aluminum alloy has a certain degree of strength in addition to a certain anti-rust performance. If you have requirements for strength and corrosion resistance, but not necessarily high-level, then you can choose 3003 aluminum plate, if it is required that these two properties must be at a high-level, then you can choose 5052 aluminum alloy. At the same time, the price of 5052 aluminum alloy is higher than that of 3003 aluminum alloy.

diamond plate sheets 4x8 near me

Diamond plate aluminum 4x8 protection

Any kind of aluminum plate, if you want to have a long service life, you need to pay attention to protection and storage. In the process of transportation, care should be taken to protect the aluminum plate, and properly handle the transportation and storage methods of the aluminum plate. Regarding the protection of diamond plate aluminum 4x8 corners, place the aluminum plate at an angle. The inclination angle should not exceed 10 degrees, and the ground should be stowed wood or thick plywood. Regarding the handling of aluminum plates: both ends should be lifted at the same time when handling, do not push or pull, so as not to damage the surface treatment. The workbench should be flat and free of hard objects to prevent damage to the surface of the aluminum plate.

The ideal storage location for diamond plate aluminum 4x8 is on a flat area. During the handling process, they should be stacked face to face. It is forbidden to lift only one side when carrying. Handle with care during transportation to prevent surface damage caused by collision and prevent excessive bending and scratching of the surface.

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