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Diamond plate aluminum sheet


Production of diamond plate aluminum sheet

Why is there such a beautiful pattern on the aluminum plate and how is it produced? In fact, the diamond plate aluminum sheet is processed by embossing equipment.

The production process of diamond plate aluminum sheet is gradually developed. In the beginning, old-fashioned production equipment was used to process various equipment. First, flatten the aluminum plates, and then put them into the embossing equipment one by one for pressing. The advantage is that there is no requirement for the MOQ. The disadvantage is that the pattern trend of each diamond plate aluminum sheet is different, and the production capacity is low. Later, it developed into a continuous production process, which was directly pressed on the roll by a coiler + embossing equipment. In this way, the pattern trend of the same batch of diamond plate aluminum sheet is exactly the same, and the output is high. The disadvantage is that the MOQ is large and the equipment investment cost is high.

diamond plate aluminum sheet

Pattern height of diamond plate aluminum sheet

The pattern height of diamond plate aluminum sheet can currently reach 0.7-0.8 mm. The current common pattern processing equipment is basically 0.8mm, so the current aluminIum checker plate, the pattern height of the non-slip aluminum plate can default to 0.8mm.

However, in conventional applications, the pattern height of 0.8mm is sufficient for anti-skid use, and the use of this height in domestic projects has a good anti-skid effect.

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Diamond plate aluminum sheet thickness

The thickness of diamond plate and aluminum sheet is one of the factors that determine the product price. There are two ways to understand the thickness of aluminum checker plate:

According to the order, the 4mm+1mm aluminium checker plate can have the following two explanations:

First of all: By default, the thickness of the aluminum checker plate is the thickness of the substrate, which means that the thickness of the pattern is removed. This is a more recognized method in the industry, which means that the thickness of the substrate is 4.0 and the height of the pattern is 1.0.

Second: Some companies call this series 5.0mm thickness, which means that it includes pattern height 5.0mm thickness. In fact, this statement is not very accurate, but if you do not know the national standard of aluminum alloy checkered plate, you can also calculate it like this.

What grade aluminum is diamond plate

Application of diamond plate aluminum sheet

First of all, the application in the vehicle: mainly used at the bottom of the car box to play a non-slip and decorative role. For example, you can see diamond plate aluminum sheet on buses, subways, trains and other transportation vehicles.

Application in ships: relatively large amount. The cabins in the shipping industry are all selected aluminum checker plates, which have good anti-skid effect, strong rust resistance and light weight. Our company has cooperation with many shipping companies.

In terms of floor slip resistance: the common ones are workshop floors, cold storage floors, elevator floors, etc. The amount of aluminium checker plate is not small, because the aluminum checker plate is bright and has a good decorative effect, which has gradually replaced the iron plate.

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