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Embossed aluminum sheet metal


Embossed aluminum sheet metal

Embossed aluminum sheet metal can also be called aluminum checker plate. It belongs to aluminum products which are formed on the surface of various patterns after calendering on the basis of aluminum sheets. They are widely used. Because of their beautiful appearance, they can be used in the packaging field. Some characteristics make them used in the construction field, construction, The curtain wall and other aspects.

embossed aluminum sheet metal

Features of embossed aluminum sheet metal

1. The five-bar aluminum alloy sheet is not only cheap, but also has a good anti-slip effect.

2. Orange peel aluminum alloy aluminum sheet is collectively referred to as insect pattern and orange peel aluminum sheet.

3. Beautiful diamond pattern aluminum alloy aluminum sheet.

4. Lentil-shaped embossed aluminum sheet metal, a commonly used non-slip aluminum sheet, is used in some public places.

5. The spherical patterns on the surface are like pearls. This kind of aluminum sheet is called spherical aluminum sheet. Or it is called semi-circular pattern aluminum sheet.

6. Diamond embossed aluminum sheet metal is used in outer packaging or packaging pipes.

embossed aluminum sheet metal types

Other types of embossed aluminum sheet metal

There are also some other patterned aluminum sheets: triangular strip aluminum sheet, wavy patterned material, cobblestone aluminum checker plate, water corrugated aluminum checker plate, corrugated aluminum sheet (which can also become aluminum tile), strip aluminum sheet, Rattan woven aluminum sheet, butterfly aluminum sheet, three-dimensional triangle aluminum checker plate and other pattern aluminum sheets. This is a high-cost modern material, there are many types, and it is widely used in furniture. Aluminum checker plate is used in furniture for specific expressions: refrigerators, air conditioners, carriages, platforms, packaging pipes, screen frames, various suspension beams, table legs, decorative strips, handles, wire grooves and covers, chair tubes, etc.

embossed aluminum sheet material

Application fields of embossed aluminum sheet metal

Embossed aluminum sheet is used in many construction industries. Embossed aluminum sheet has a variety of appearance styles, light weight, and different colors for you to choose.

Embossed aluminum sheet can also be used in the metal industry, as well as the aerospace equipment airtight industry. The embossed aluminum sheet selected in these fields has better air-tightness, good waterproofness, elasticity and durability. The performance on the profile is more obvious. In the extrusion molding, the fixing groove of the sealing strip will be completed together. This processing method can increase its sealing performance.

Embossed aluminum sheet, after electrochemical treatment, can also produce a variety of different colors, and different colors make the room more layered. The entire embossed aluminum sheet metal is very light in weight, does not need to be painted, and the oxide layer will not fade or fall off. This kind of product is easy to use, has better corrosion resistance and good anti-skid performance. Choosing the right alloy will make the product stronger.

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