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Features of aluminum tread plate sheet


Introduction of aluminum tread plate sheet

Literally, simply understand that aluminum tread plate sheet is an aluminum plate with raised patterns on the exterior, which is very suitable for places where metal non-slip flooring is required. Common alloys are 3003, 5053 and 6061 alloys; the common pattern type is diamond pattern, 5 bar. So, what are the characteristics of aluminum tread plate sheet?

aluminum tread plate sheet

Features of aluminum tread plate sheet

The role of patterns. The pattern formed by the appearance does not only play a beautiful effect, but also assumes the anti-slip effect under the special use environment. Just like a car tire, the clearer the texture, the stronger the anti-skid and grip performance of the tire.

Many types can be used in different industries. The cheaper aluminum tread plate is made of ordinary pure aluminum sheet as raw material. The production and processing cost is relatively low, and it is only suitable for products with low performance requirements;

3003 diamond tread aluminum sheet, which is stronger than pure aluminum sheet. Aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate is processed as the primary material. It has certain strength and impact resistance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. The floor is not non-slip in a humid environment, it can be used;

5000 aluminum tread plate. The most commonly used is 5052 aluminum alloy, which has higher strength and hardness, and has a higher level of rust and corrosion resistance. Humid environment and even ships and other environments are its applicable occasions.

Aluminum tread plate is also a kind of metal material, and it needs to be protected by scientific methods in daily use. Pay attention to regular cleaning, clean up the stains on the surface in time, and clean with water or the corresponding stain remover. The residue of stains is easy to cause corrosion and deformation.

aluminum tread plate sheet cost

Aluminum tread plate sheet cost

It is not a simple matter to make exquisite pictures and patterns on aluminum plates, which means that there is one more process in the processing process. Not only does it increase the investment in machinery and equipment, it also consumes more manpower and greatly increases the cost. Other conditions are exactly the same, the price of aluminum tread plate is higher. It is recommended that you look for direct-sale aluminum sheet manufacturers when buying, not only to compare their prices, quality is also very important.

aluminum tread plate sheet manufacturer

Future development of aluminum tread plate sheet

With the increasing demand for aluminum products from all walks of life, aluminum products themselves are constantly undergoing functional transformations. Aluminum tread plate sheet is the product of this transformation. Its appearance expands the application range of aluminum plates and increases the role of aluminum plates. Although, it has many excellent features. However, if used improperly, it may cause corrosion and wear. Therefore, it is still necessary to strengthen the protection and maintenance of aluminum tread plate to extend the service life.

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