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Flat aluminum plate


What is flat aluminum plate

The 5052 aluminum plates and 5083 aluminum plates we often say are flat aluminum plates. There are many types of flat aluminum plate, and we usually call it material in conventional terms. The material usually contains two aspects, alloy content and mechanical properties. Alloys such as 1060, 3003, 5052, 6061 and so on. The mechanical properties are usually reflected in the temper. For example, 5052-H32 will appear in the standard aluminum sheet orders, where 5052 refers to the alloy and H32 refers to the mechanical properties.

flat aluminum plate

Aluminum flat plate near me

Aluminum flat plate is widely used. It can be found in transportation, household appliances, architectural decoration, and hardware products. The most common traffic use cases. Nowadays, almost all automobiles are made of aluminum alloy wheels; the materials of doors and windows are also aluminum alloy; and there are construction aspects. It is presented in the form of aluminum alloy curtain walls; there are also many applications of aluminum alloy materials in household appliances; even in high-end technical fields such as airplanes and aviation equipment, aluminum alloys also occupy a large proportion. The use of aluminum plates in modern life is very powerful, especially since aluminum alloys have replaced other metal materials as basic metal materials, the amount has been increasing by leaps and bounds.

Aluminum flat plate near me

Where to buy high quality aluminum flat plate

For aluminum plate, the factors that affect the quality are nothing more than alloy content, mechanical properties, surface quality, plate shape, etc., so the evaluation of aluminum plate quality factors must start with these factors.

The first is the alloy content. The aluminum plate must meet the required alloy content to ensure the performance. Most companies can achieve this, mainly by adding various other alloying elements when the aluminum ingot is melted.

The second is the mechanical properties. As long as the annealing time is guaranteed during the annealing process, when the order is large, many manufacturers reduce the annealing time in order to shorten the delivery time and increase the output, which affects the mechanical properties. This is actually a more common quality problem.

ultra flat aluminum plate

Surface quality: If it is surface scratches, chromatic aberration, and indentation problems, it is mainly related to the equipment. Such problems often occur when the equipment is aging and abnormal operation, and it also has a greater relationship with the equipment capabilities. This is also the reason why it is recommended that you choose large aluminum processing enterprises, after all, their processing equipment is more complete and advanced.

The board type is a more important point. Reflected in the flatness, it is the result of the joint action of the leveling machine and the stretch-bending straightening equipment. If there is no stretch-bending and straightening equipment, the plate shape cannot be guaranteed, and the plate shape will be warped and waves will appear.

We know that the price of aluminum plate is a problem that you are more concerned about, but at the same time, it must be compared with the quality of aluminum plate products. Whether it’s aluminum checker plate or flat aluminum plate. After all, if you choose a product of poor quality, it will bring unnecessary trouble to your later use.

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Industry Application
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