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Household aluminium foil suppliers have many advantages


Household aluminium foil is a thin and soft aluminum foil with the same shape as fresh-keeping film, which is widely used in cooking, freezing, fresh-keeping, baking and other industries. The disposable aluminum foil paper is convenient to use, safe, hygienic, has no odor and does not leak.

Household aluminium foil suppliers alloy

Household aluminum foil alloy is generally 8011 aluminum foil, sometimes 3003 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil are also used. 8011 aluminum foil is used more, of which O temper is the main type, with a thickness of 0.01-0.2mm and a width of 100-1600mm.

Advantages of household aluminium foil suppliers

1. In the refrigerator or freezer, the household aluminum foil can be directly wrapped on the food, which can prevent the food from being easily deformed, and can prevent the water loss of fish, vegetables, fruits, and dishes, and prevent the taste from leaking or mixing in.

2. Household aluminium foil has good and uniform thermal conductivity and heating effect, and can be applied to the oven, steamer, etc. to heat directly on the original packaging.

3. Household aluminium foil packaged food also has the characteristics of high resource recovery and reuse rate, which protects the environment and reduces waste of resources, and has good social benefits.

4. Household aluminium foil is also an opaque packaging material, so it is a good packaging material for products exposed to sunlight, such as margarine.

High quality household aluminium foil suppliers

Recommend you one of the high quality household aluminium foil suppliers-Mingtai Aluminum.

1. Mingtai Aluminum is adjacent to the bauxite producing area. The product is not only of reliable quality, but also has obvious price advantages;

2. The aluminum foil raw material produced by Mingtai has the advantages of clean surface, no oil stains, bright lines and other inclusions, product safety and health, high elongation and other advantages;

3. Mingtai is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer with a complete range of aluminum foil products, ranging from 1235 aluminum foil and 1060 aluminum foil to 1 series to 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil, etc., which can cover the entire series of aluminum foil products. Large orders of 5-2000 tons.

Products Recommended
3003 aluminum sheet
3003 aluminum sheetThickenss: 0.1-500mm
Model: 3003
5052 aluminum checker plate
5052 aluminum checker plateThickenss: 1.0-8.0mm
Model: 5052
1060 aluminum foil
1060 aluminum foilThickenss: 0.014-0.2mm
Model: 1060
Industry Application
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring Application: Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Model: 1060/3003/5754/6061
Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Checker Plate Application: Wainscot/Floor/Stairs
Model: Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Sheets for Sign Making
Aluminum Sheets for Sign Making Application: Aluminum Sign Blanks
Model: 1060 Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Cans Alloy
Aluminum Cans Alloy Application: Aluminum Cans
Model: 3104
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