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How to clean aluminum diamond plate


How to clean aluminum diamond plate

How to clean aluminum diamond plateAluminum diamond plate has a great effect in life, and its subtle light is eye-catching. In addition to being attractive, it is more durable than bare aluminum plate. In order to maintain this beautiful and incredible luster, regular cleaning is obvious. This not only helps you maintain the luster of the diamond tread aluminum sheet, but also maintains hygiene. The aluminum diamond plate will become more beautiful after washing. Let's talk about the method of washing treatment.

how to clean aluminum diamond plate

How to clean aluminum diamond plate after alkali etching

After alkali etching, a large amount of alkali etching bath liquid film will remain on the surface of aluminum diamond plate, which is called water washing after alkali etching. The aluminum diamond plate after alkali etching is more difficult to clean. First of all, we have to start from the point of view that is conducive to cleaning the product. The water in the first sink must be kept at temperature and alkaline, so there is no need to replace the water. For the last two washings, in order to make the cleaning effect better, we can stir appropriately. The last two washings depend on the workload, and overflow treatment is not necessary.

how to clean diamond plate floor

How to clean aluminum diamond plate after neutralization

This is a step that must go through at least two washings, which is called the washing after neutralization. For this kind of washing, we recommend using circulating water for washing, which will not affect the normal use of the oxidation tank. Because there is nitric acid in the neutralization tank, if it is brought into the oxidation tank, it may not form an oxide film or cause an increase in impurities in the oxidation tank. Any of the above conditions will accelerate the aging of the oxidation tank.

How to clean aluminum diamond plate after chemical polishing

Two simple water washes, water wash after chemical polishing. Some liquid will remain after chemical polishing. For better cleaning, Mingtai Aluminum recommends that the second water tank be washed with circulating water, and the temperature of the first water tank should be kept.

how to protect aluminum diamond plate

Precautions for how to clean aluminum diamond plate

In order to maintain gloss and durability, it can be cleaned in many ways, such as using a special detergent or just wiping with warm water with a microfiber cloth.

Before applying new technology, it is strongly recommended that you first perform a partial test on the board surface.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents or chemical solutions.

Don't let water or detergent stay on the material for too long, try to dry it as quickly as possible.

We already know the steps and methods for cleaning aluminum diamond plates, but the premise of maintaining the gloss of the device is that the products you buy have excellent quality. In order to obtain high-quality diamond plates, you can consider buying them from Mingtai Aluminum. Click on the online consultation on the right to get a free sample, and you can also get an incredibly low price!

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