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How to polish aluminum diamond plate

Today, with the continuous development of processing technology, our life and work are increasingly inseparable from the use of aluminum diamond plate. Many aluminum plate products need to be processed to different degrees in order to be better applied. And the polishing effect will affect the price of aluminum diamond plate. Today, the aluminum plate manufacturer will explain how to polish aluminum diamond plate.

how to polish aluminum diamond plate

How to polish aluminum diamond plate mirror aluminum

How did the mirror aluminum come from? Mirror aluminum is processed by rolling, polishing, etc. After polishing, the surface of the aluminum plate has a mirror effect. The mirror-reflective aluminum plate has a wide range of applications. It can be used in many fields, such as household lighting reflectors, luggage, household appliances panels, lamp decoration; architectural exterior wall decoration; transportation automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, signs and other industries.

how to protect aluminum diamond plate

How to polish aluminum diamond plate matters needing attention

1) Trim the polishing tool to keep it consistent with the surface shape of the aluminum product to prevent the sharp corner of the tool from contacting the surface of the steel part and causing deep scratches.

2) When changing different types of polishing sandpaper, the polishing direction should be changed from 45° to 90° in order to distinguish the stripes and shadows left by the previous type of sandpaper polishing. Before changing different types of sandpaper, the polished surface must be carefully wiped with pure cotton dipped in alcohol and other cleaning fluids.

3) When polishing with each type of sandpaper, it should be polished twice in two different directions, rotating 45°~90° between the two directions.

how do you polish aluminum diamond plate

How to polish aluminum diamond plate about imprint

Over-polished aluminum diamond plate will show dark marks. When aluminum

When there are too deep marks on the surface of checker plate products, many people will choose to increase the degree of polishing

Throw away the traces, but doing so will damage the surface of the aluminum plate product and cause deep casting marks on the surface of the product.

How to polish aluminum diamond plate about alloy

Which aluminum alloys can be used for polishing: 1050/1060/1070/1100, etc. The aluminum has high purity, simple processing flow, and low price. It is a more commonly used series in the industry. 3 series master

To represent 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105; 5 series: 5182, 5052. There are many specifications and models, and users can customize them according to actual production needs when purchasing.

The reason why aluminum checker plate products have so many applications in life is because

Compared with similar products, aluminum plate products have relatively higher corrosion resistance and are easier to clean.

I believe that with the development of processing technology, aluminum plate products will have a broader development space. If you want to know more about this, you can consult us.

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